What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

17 December 2018

Have you been sent a save the date for winter next year? Not everyone gets married in the summer, some couples choose to have their weddings in the cooler months.

Winter weddings don’t have to be limiting, there is plenty of choices and you can still look absolutely amazing even in the chilly weather.


  1. Bring a jacket! This way, you don’t have to forgo a sleeveless dress and can still look absolutely gorgeous whilst ensuring you don’t have to freeze your cute little butt off.
  2. Try a maxi skirtA maxi skirt is a perfect way to keep your legs warm for a winter wedding. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a Midi skirt, wear some dark tights.
  3. Consider a pantsuit – Depending on the dress code for the wedding, a pantsuit is a chic way to look both elegant and sophisticated at a winter wedding. Avoid corporate looking suits and try something with some glimmer (even sequins!) or a bold block-colour suit.
  4. Accessorise girl, accessorise! – Winter weddings are the ideal time to bring out the satin scarves and gloves. Accessories don’t have to be casual, you can find some gorgeous silk or fur items that still say “wedding” all over them!
  5. Opt for a long-sleeve dressLong sleeve dresses will be your best friend for a winter wedding! You won’t have to worry about carrying a jacket and a scarf. They are also
  6. Always wear closed-toe shoes – Keep your toes warm with closed-toes shoes. This also means you can wear stockings or opaque tights under your dress.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular dress-codes for a winter wedding.


If you’re a girl:

Usually, when we hear the word “casual” we think of denim jeans YEEZY style. But…. this is a big no-no for a wedding! Denim is definitely off limits even for a casual wedding. So don’t wear jeans. Please. 😳

Instead, think wide-legged pants with layered shirts and a draped coat on your shoulders. 

What to wear to a 'casual' winter wedding
What to wear to a ‘casual’ winter wedding?

If you’re a guy:

It may be casual, but still, no board shorts for the guys. Think “something appropriate for work” type of vibe! Chinos are a great choice with a light coloured shirt, and a pair of loafers or driving shoes in navy or brown.

WEDDING DRESS CODE: ‘Smart Casual’   

If you’re a girl:

Take hints from invite with this one. Where is the wedding located? On a farm? A winery? A church? The location will give you a bit of an idea of the elements and style.

Weddings are the perfect occasion to wear beautiful bright colours, and winter doesn’t mean you have to avoid colour. Opt for warmer winter hues like navy blues, magentas, or of course, black is always a winner.

What to wear to a 'smart casual' winter wedding
What to wear to a ‘smart casual’ winter wedding?

A jumpsuit is also a great option for a smart casual wedding, but ditch the one you’d wear to the beach and opt for a more tailored style. Carry a scarf or a shawl to protect yourself from the breeze.

If you’re a guy:

Opt for a similar outfit to the casual wedding vibe, but spruce it up a little with a relaxed blazer over a dress shirt. No tie required!

WEDDING DRESS CODE: ‘Cocktail Attire’

If you’re a girl:

This is one of THE most popular dress codes so get a few staple outfits and you’ll be sorted for the whole season.

Whilst you could go for a tailored jumpsuit or two-piece dress, a fun midi cocktail dress will be your best bet for a cocktail wedding.

Why not be a little daring and try a velvet or sequin dress, which is both classy and will also keep you cozy in winter!?

What to wear to a 'cocktail' winter wedding
What to wear to a ‘cocktail’ winter wedding?

Heels are an absolute must for a cocktail wedding! Choose neutral colours, like a black or nude heel, or you could go for a statement pair of heels and opt for a plain dress.

Don’t forget to wear nude stockings to keep your legs warm, and choose shoes with closed-toes.

If you’re a guy:

Go for a suit and tie. Opt for darker hues in winter such as navy, dark grey or black. Try a dapper pair of velvet shoes in a magenta or brown for something a bit different.


If you’re a girl:

There’s a wide range of wedding guest dresses for semi-formal nuptials! You can do a semi-formal dress (midi or maxi) OR you could do a chic pantsuit! 

What to wear to a 'semi-formal' winter wedding
What to wear to a ‘semi-formal’ winter wedding?

Make sure you don’t forget to do your nails, makeup and accessories. A semi-formal wedding is a perfect occasion to put your hair in an up-do that you might not normally wear and finish it off with a crisp clip.

When your hair is up you can show-off some fabulous statement earrings! Consider a pair you wouldn’t normally go for, like an unexpected shape or size. Wear a sleek pair of heels in black or nude.

If you’re a guy:

For a semi-formal wedding, guys should go for a suit and dress shirt. Depending on the venue, a tie should be worn. For example, if it’s a church wedding, definitely opt for a tie, but if it’s a garden or beach setting a tie may not be necessary.

Choose dress shoes with dark socks, and don’t forget about the final touches like a belt and a vest for a more sophisticated look.


If you’re a girl:

A winter wedding is a perfect opportunity to wear a formal dress. Think a classic black long dress in lace or even velvet. Or you could opt for a structured midi dress with statement accessories in warmer tones like teal or burgundy.

What to wear to a 'formal' winter wedding
What to wear to a ‘formal’ winter wedding?

If you’re a guy:

Tuxedos are not required for a formal wedding, but definitely opt for a suit for a formal wedding. Try a fitted suit for a more modern look and go for leather shoes, a belt and even a vest to complete the look.


If you’re a girl:

Bring on the sparkly jewellery and the elegant hairdo!  You can wear an elegant midi dress, but make sure you embellish it with the right accessories.

What to wear to a 'black tie' winter wedding
What to wear to a ‘black tie’ winter wedding?

The safest option is a full-length gown, just remember to get the right size heels as you want to be able to walk in it without tripping over!

If you’re a guy:

This is the second most formal attire there is, so you’re going to need a tuxedo, a black tie or bow tie, patent leather shoes and a cummerbund.


If you’re a girl:

Ok, this is THE pinnacle of wedding attires so you need to pull out all the stops!!! You’ll need a formal, full-length ball gown, hair and makeup done professionally and glamorously and don’t skimp on the accessories. Think GLAMOUR in every sense of the word.

To stay warm, add a faux fur shrug or even a sequin shawl to complete the look.

What to wear to a 'black tie' winter wedding
What to wear to a ‘white tie’ winter wedding?

If you’re a guy:

For a white tie wedding, you’re probably going to need to invest in something you’re unlikely to have sitting in your closet: a jacket with tails. A bow tie is an appropriate choice for a white tie wedding, black leather shoes and if you want to go all the way, white gloves.

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Teagan Russell.