Corporate, Social &
Environmental Responsibility

At Showpo we believe that fashion is for everyone. Fashion is a form of self expression that should be fun and inspiring! We want to provide our customers with on trend, fashionable products that are both size & price inclusive.

We understand that the nature of fast fashion poses a number of risks to both the workers in our supply chain & the natural environment that we operate in. Over the past two years Showpo has been developing our strategy and point of view in the Corporate Social Responsibility space. We have spent this time researching and understanding the landscape before formulating a strategy that genuinely aligns with our core business values.

Through this research we’ve discovered that whilst it’s very easy to say that you are making progress in this space, it’s a much bigger beast to actually be able to be considered sustainable. We’ve adopted a strategy of progress over perfection, with a focus on tangible and lasting impacts. We’re not interested in delivering a one-off “green” collection and then never doing anything else, we’re interested in the actions and initiatives that can really move the needle and make a lasting impact. We’ve set ourselves ambitious goals and embedded these into our company goals and direction.

This is just the start for us. We know there is still a long way to go but we’re excited to be sharing this progress with you. We are committed to publishing an annual update of our progress and goals.

Showpo’s strategy has been collaboratively developed by team members from varying departments, tenures and roles – including our CEO and Executive team. We’ve defined the 4 areas below as the pillars of our strategy:

  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Environmental footprint
  • Philanthropy
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our Supply Chain

We purchase products from 3 main sources of supply: Branded Partners (12.5%), Local Wholesale (4.5%) and our own Showpo Branded production (83%). As our own production makes up most of our assortment, this is where we can drive the most impact and is the focus of this report. We do, however, expect our Branded Partners to uphold the same methodologies and we will work together with them during onboarding to review their own policies and procedures through mutual recognition.


Ethical Sourcing covers all aspects of our supply chain and is our responsibility to ensure that at each touchpoint of the process, the rights of the workers involved and the environmental impacts are considered. We have a responsibility to our customers to ensure that we know where our goods are produced, who by and under what conditions.



We know that the fast fashion model poses substantial risks to the environment and we endeavour to make better choices wherever possible to reduce our negative impact. We’re not looking to make broad statements here that won’t move the needle, instead we want to focus on key areas of concern where we feel we have scope for change. Transparency is key here, we want to share our goals and make them ambitious to hold us accountable.



Philanthropy is extremely important to Showpo. As a company who uplifts, we also support. Our philanthropy actions to date have been based on where we can make the most impact. The partnerships we have created with our chosen organisations have allowed us to support and give back to communities and individuals who are in need. As a company, we view philanthropy as a responsibility, one that we continuously strive to achieve. The purpose of this section is to outline our efforts so far and what we have planned within this space.


diversity equity & inclusion

At Showpo we are committed to fostering an environment where everyone can belong and be their authentic selves. We strive to craft a culture that reflects the diversity of our audience, where our differences make us stronger and help us become better humans. We celebrate our people and support them, ensuring we’re a workplace welcoming to all, where everyone can bring their whole selves to work. We are on a journey and sometimes might make mistakes, but we are committed to learning, growing and backing up these words with positive action.