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Love Island Australia x Showpo: Week Four Recap

03 November 2021

 By Kristen Daly


Romance, drama, hot goss and even hotter ‘fits... bring it on with Love Island Australia! As the official fashion partner for Love Island Australia 2021, we’re serving up look after look for this year’s Islanders - and closely watching on as they hunt for love. Join us each week as we recap all the action at the Villa and help you shop your fave #ShowpoXLoveIsland looks.


Episode Thirteen

Are y’all ready for week four of Love Island Australia? Last week we saw a massive four departures, with hot nerd Rachael, dance boy Ronni, fan fave Ari and bomb Emily all leaving the Villa. Tina and Mitch, Lexy and Ryan and Aaron and Jess are all going strong, new duos Courtney and Nic and Zoe and Chris are showing promise, and Taku is our single hottie.

The perfect time for…. Casa Amor! Meaning “love house” in Spanish, it’s a tradition of the show in which the girls and boys are separated, new hotties come in, and if an Islander turns their head but their partner does not - the loyal one is left single and vulnerable to dumping.

The fun begins in the morning with a text for the girls - time for a surprise ladies-only picnic! Poor ducks, they look SO excited as they cheekily sneak outside. They certainly look pretty in pastels, pinks and whites, with Courtney rocking our Delima Two Piece Top and Skirt Set.


Delima Two Piece Top and Skirt Set

But the girls are in for a major shock - or make that six. Just as they’re happily chatting away, a Jeep full of six hot women in bikini roars past them towards the Villa. Quelle horreur! The stunned ladies are now moving to Casa Amor, a second smaller spot in a secret location.

In a montage packed with sizzling bikini shots, we then meet (deep breath)... 23-year-old Aisha, a self-described “little troublemaker” from Perth; 26-year-old Tayla, a Gold Coast gal interested in Mitch; 25-year-old Michela, a “go getter” from Sydney with her eye on Taku; 25-year-old Ruby, another Gold Coast hottie who likes Aaron; 20-year-old Brisbane babe Brihanna, who doesn’t “have tits or an arse but I’ve got banter”; and Audrey, a 21-year-old model also from Brisbane who declares “when it comes to men, I always get what I want”.

To quote the boys as these sirens strut in… “Lord have mercy” (Taku) and “everybody’s in the hot seat today” (Ryan). The guys and gals start to mix and mingle, with the newbies asked to name the top three guys who meet their type. Single boy Taku is in heaven here, with Audrey, Michela and Aisha all listing him. Courtney’s boy Nic also gets a lot of attention.

By the time evening arrives, serious shenanigans are in order - and fans thirsty for drama do not leave disappointed. A saucy game of truth and dare ends with, among other moments, Nic swapping saliva with Audrey and Brianna (at the same time), Chris as alter ego Hans doing a very handsy dance move with Tayla, and Ryan giving Tayla a lap dance (sorry Lexy).

Oof, it’s getting hot and heavy in here! Let’s take a quick outfit appreciation break. All of the new girls are looking irresistible, with a special shout out to blonde babe Ruby for rocking the Lioness - Charmed Midi Dress, now available to shop on Showpo! You can also steal Audrey’s sparkly drop earring look with the Saint Valentine - Paris Drop Earrings.


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Mitch and Aaron, bless them, stay loyal to their partners, and keep their hands (and lips) to themselves - then watch on in shock as Ryan, Nic and Chris go wild. The OG girls still don’t know what’s going on, but spirits are low after they receive a magazine with details of the newbies. They’ve got fingers crossed their boys will be respectful but it’s not looking peachy.

Will the Islanders stay, or will they stray? With the guys already tempted by six bombshell intruders and the girls soon to meet theirs - we cannot wait for (a)more!

Episode Fourteen

In Tuesday’s episode, we return to the wreckage of the momentous crash that was Casa Amor, boys edition, night one! We’ve already seen Ryan confess to the boys that he’s crushing hard on Tayla, who he sees as a more mature Lexy. It’s clear Tayla has the hots for him too, and the two share a bed that night, with a rule to keep their hands to themselves.

Taku, meanwhile, is in a spot of trouble after inviting Michela to share a bed with him, only to realise it’s Aisha he really wants. A recap: in the last challenge Taku sucked Michela’s toes, and she sucked his fingers in return - ooh la la! But he’s also bonded with Aisha over a shared love of fragrances. An embarrassed Taku lets Michela know he’s rescinding her offer.

The scene is set for their next challenge, Snaffle It! It’s another game of dares but with a time limit, causing the Islanders to act quickly (and leave the debilitating regret until later). Mitch and Aaron honour their vow of loyalty by only giving out kisses on the neck or cheek. Meanwhile, Taku and Aisha pash twice (cue side eye from Michela) and Tayla has to pick an Islander to make out with in a bathtub… Ryan jumps up without even being asked.

While Taku and Ryan are winning their fair share of attention, Nic might be the most popular of all, with three girls - Brianna, Audrey and Ruby - all making pitches for his partnership. Despite having strong sexual chemistry with Audrey, and sharing a very steamy kiss with her in the challenge, Nic ultimately picks Brianna, who he feels really comfortable with.

Later that night, the boys and the new girls dress up, dance on the pool deck and take Polaroid pictures… nothing to stress about here right? The ladies are looking amazing, with Ruby wearing Showpo’s Blanca Top in White Satin and Brianna in the Calithea Knit Dress. We’re also loving Brianna’s bow-adorned shoes, a look you can steal with the Public Desire - Diamante Bow Heels. Or get Tayla’s leather pant look with the Dilyenne Leatherette Pants!


Blanca Top in White Satin


Calithea Knit Dress


Public Desire - Diamante Bow Heels


Dilyenne Leatherette Pants

While it’s all tequila sunrises and twerking over at the Villa, at Casa Amor the poor OG girls are spiralling. What have their seemingly loyal guys been up to without them around? Two gifts arrive to cement their doubts: a second copy of the Love Island Times, a spicy tabloid full of pictures from the Villa, and an iPad with secret footage of the boys and newbies.

Zoe doesn’t like Chris using his Hans persona on another girl, and Courtney is pissed that Nic has seemingly forgotten all about her. But the biggest revelation of the night is Ryan’s betrayal of Lexy with Tayla. At first, Lexy spills the tears, then she gets mad. Watch out Ryan! The girls rally around each other and Courtney makes a toast - “here’s to binning boys and finding men!”

And find men you shall - six sexy dudes are on their way to meet you! Get the cocktails and bikinis ready cause they’re due to arrive tomorrow…

Episode Fifteen

But first - we must regretfully tell you there’s still trouble in Taku land! This fan favourite found himself in Love Island heaven with the new girls, but his quest to partner up is starting to look a little hellish. A teary Michela tells him his decision to swap her for Aisha was a “dick move”. Even worse, Aisha tells him she’s having some doubts and the two call it off.

Poor Taku! Over at Casa Amor, the mood is a little lighter with a text telling the OG girls it’s finally time to pack their bags. But when they get back to the Villa they find it empty. The OG boys have vanished, and soon to arrive in their place are… six new buff and brawny men!

We meet 27-year-old Melburnian Shayne, who says “personality is everything”; 20-year-old Sydneysider Sadee, who reckons women can’t resist his “cheeky look”; 23-year-old Noah from Perth, who has a “massive heart”; 25-year-old Ben from Melbourne, who “(is) living proof the tradies get the ladies”; and 24-year-old Brent from Canberra, who is the brother of Love Island season one winner Grant Crapp - but is on the show for his “own experience”.

It’s day one of Casa Amor, girls edition, and we see Tina, Jess and Zoe stay loyal to their beaus, while Courtney, keen to move on from Nic, hits it off with the stylish Shayne, and Ben makes a beeline for Lexy. After her heartbreak with Ryan she’s happy to oblige, and the two share some hot and heavy kisses in an eventful Quickie Challenge. It’s only later she shares some doubts with Jess and stares forlornly at Ryan’s pillow. He’s moved on, but has she?

Fashion break! The ‘fits are absolutely fire this episode, with the OG girls rocking a rainbow of Showpo looks to meet the new men. Courtney is sultry in our Denver Halter Neck Two Piece Set in Black, Lexy is a babe in the Blanca Bodycon Dress in Blue Multi, Zoe is chic AF in the 4th & Reckless - Giuliana Knit Dress in Nude, Tina is stunning in the Andrealyn Halterneck Dress in Pink Multi, and Jess is a siren in the Lunaria Dress in Oxy Fire.


Denver Halter Neck Two Piece Set in Black


Blanca Bodycon Dress in Blue Multi


4th & Reckless - Giuliana Knit Dress in Nude


Andrealyn Halterneck Dress in Pink Multi


Lunaria Dress in Oxy Fire

What’s that? There are OG boys too? Forgot about them for a hot sec! They’ve now moved out of the Villa and into Casa Amor, where they’ll have time to reflect on their recent actions and wonder what the girls are up to. Assisting them with their brooding is a copy of the Love Island Times, full of details of the new boys. The roasting starts and Aaron declares, “the studs are here and the duds are there!” But we’re spotting some uneasy looks…

Episode Sixteen

The final episode of another huge week of Love Island Australia opens at the Villa, where the girls are taking stock of the six hunky new men dropped on their doorstep. After enduring a stretch of loneliness in Camp Courtney, then watching new partner Nic happily engage in tonsil tennis with at least three of the new Casa Amor girls, Courts is thrilled to have not one, but two boys chasing her - sweeties Noah from Perth and Shayne from Melbourne.

Both boys are stylish, kind and not Nic - so Courtney has a tough pick on her hands! She ultimately makes a move for the cheeky Noah. It can’t help that he’s challenging gendered beauty ideals this episode by adding a string of pearls to his stylish ensembles. You can get the look with the Reliquia - Nima Pearl Choker in Pearl, now available with Showpo!


Reliquia - Nima Pearl Choker in Pearl

Meanwhile, Lexy is still pining after Ryan despite his Casa Amor shenanigans. She tells potential new beau Ben she may need closure from her former guy before moving on. She’s still so heartbroken, poor Lexy, but is looking cute here in our Kylie Flower Earrings in Blue.


Kylie Flower Earrings in Blue

That evening, it’s time for the girls to let their hair down with drinks, dancing and their hot dudes! It’s a moment of bliss before what will undoubtedly be a stressful recoupling ceremony on Monday. Life’s bright for Courtney in the Jett Twist Detail Mini Two Piece Set in Orange and Jess is looking sweet in the Lioness - Jadore Chain Mini Dress in Green.


Jett Twist Detail Mini Two Piece Set in Orange


Lioness - Jadore Chain Mini Dress in Green

Over at Casa Amor, the OG boys get a glimpse of the action at the Villa with secretly recorded footage. Nic sees video of Courtney’s hookups and feels a little jealous. Mitch and Aaron wonder exactly what Tina and Jess have been up to. And after seeing a sad, pillow-stroking Lexy, Ryan admits he’s nervous about seeing her again but has no regrets.

Two of the boys also score dates with new girls - Nic with Brianna, and Taku with Michela. Nic and Brianna flirt over chocolate coated strawberries, but he’s stewing over feelings he still has for Courtney. And Taku apologises to Michela for inviting her into his bed, only to retract that offer later. You can steal her twist hoop look here with our Kika Earrings!


Kika Earrings

Can these two cuties try again after a false start? Or will Taku be left single and vulnerable? Is there any chance of reconciliation for fractured couples Lexy and Ryan, and Courtney and Nic? And Zoe and Chris, Jess and Aaron and Tina and Mitch all seem strong - but can we expect trouble in paradise? You know we’ll be tuning in on Monday to find out!

That’s it for the week, catch you later for more Islander action and fire Showpo ‘fits!

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