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Unpopular Opinion: These Are The 10 Worst ‘Friends’ Episodes

24 February 2020

While it may sound controversial, sometimes it needs to be said, not every single episode of your favourite TV show is good. That doesn’t mean they’re not brilliant on the whole, of course, they are. But c’mon, Gilmore Girls post-season five anyone? Not good. It’s the same for Pretty Little Liars, somewhere along the road, that show got downright whacky. Oh, and don’t even start us on Riverdale. However, even some of our very favourite shows fall into the trap of the bad episode and while we’re excited beyond measure for the Friends reunion due in May, it too had a few bad runs. But hey, what’s 10 slightly-bad episodes out of 236?

If the phrase really offends you, perhaps these aren’t the worst episodes of Friends, but they are certainly the most skippable.

Season 10, Episode Three: The One With Ross’s Tan

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Sure, there is nothing we relate to more than a bad fake tan. We’ve all been there. However, watching Joey and Rachel’s relationship fizzle out is more excruciatingly awkward than watching them actually be together. Why was that ever a thing?

Season Nine, Episode 17: The One With the Memorial Service

Friends - Worst Episodes

Out of all the weird things Ross has done to feel gratified, hosting a fake funeral is the most bizarre. Like what was actually going through his and Chandler’s heads when they logged onto their college’s alumni website?

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Season Eight, Episode Seven: The One With the Stain

Friends - Worst Episodes

Just like her brother Ross, Monica can be a bit much. This episode where she is convinved her maid is stealing her clothes is one of those times. The second-hand embarrassment is too real.

Season Seven, Episode 12: The One Where They’re Up All Night

Friends - Worst Episodes

Phoebe’s smoke detector drove us so mad in this episode we wished we could reach through the screen and throw it straight out the window. Instead, we settled for skipping this episode.

Season Six, Episode 11: The One With the Apothecary Table

Friends - Worst Episodes

Oh, Phoebe, we love your weird little soul, but oh my word, pick your battles. And Rach honey, we swear all your big problems start with a little fib. Maybe quit that habit.

Season Five, Episode 19: The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt

Friends - Worst Episodes

How many times do we need to watch Ross awkwardly stammer his way through a conversation with a lady? We get it! He can’t flirt. Let him (and us) move on with our lives.

Season Four, Episode 16: The One With the Fake Party

Friends - Worst Episodes

Turn this episode off and put on Cheer instead.

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Season Three, Episode 12: The One With All The Jealousy

Friends - Worst Episodes

Eugh, Ross being even more Ross. I’m convinced the only reason Rachel was ever going to go to Paris is because Ross couldn’t get over himself and realise she loved him back. She’s your lobster, Ross, get married and live your best life.  Also, a note for next time, a barbershop quartet is not the way to make sure your GF loves you and not the hunky new guy she works with.

Season Two, Episode 20: The One Where Old Yeller Dies

Friends - Worst Episodes

We can’t keep up with Phoebe’s back story at the best of times. It’s best left as a sub-plot in our honest opinion.

Season One, Episode 20: The One With The Evil Orthodontist

Friends - Worst Episodes

Just when you thought you’d get through the first season unscathed, Rachel and Barry start having an affair. In his dentist’s chair no less! This episode undoes all the work of the pilot season – skip it if you know what’s good for you!

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