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The 25 Best Things About Summer

02 October 2019

As much as we adore spring, you better believe the team at Showpo HQ is eagerly awaiting the first day of summer. Long, hot days spent sweating it out by the pool, using the weather as an excuse to eat ice cream at every meal and being able to justify wearing a bikini top as a shirt just about anywhere.

So, as the silly season and the summer drawers nearer, we’re celebrating everything we love about warm weather.

Swimming at the pool all-day

Music Video Hello GIF

If you need me at any point between December 1st and February 28th, rest assured you can find me by the pool.

Mini dresses

Minimal effort, maximum style, that’s my idea of fashion.

Wearing your swimsuit all day long

Speaking of minimal effort, why can’t swimwear be appropriate attire all year long?

Demolishing your knees on a Slip ‘n Slide

 fail hit slide slip while GIF

Just watching that meme gives me a faint feeling of Slip ‘n Slide burns on my knees.

The smell of a great summer BBQ

Zac Efron Boys GIF

Shirtless Zac Efron included, please!

Incidental exercise

Working Out GIF by Lizzo

First of all, your sweating all the time and secondly, all that time spent outdoors has to do something for your heartrate.

Denim shorts

A much-welcomed update to those jeans you’ve been wearing all winter long.

Summer blockbusters

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Haven’t caught up with what’s at the box office this summer? Find our most anticipated new flicks here.

Daylight savings

happy summer roberts GIF by CraveTV

Long days and warm nights, what’s not to love?

Summer anthems

terry crews GIF

Remember when DJ Earthworm used to compile them into one song for us? Those were the days.

Ice cream for every meal

licking ice cream GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Ah, sit back and listen to the musical stylings of the Mister Whippy truck. I’m not saying I eat ice cream all day every day in summer, but I’m not saying I don’t.

Festival season

Even if Coachella is not your speed, there are so many bangin’ festivals to go to during the summer. Bonus points if they go for an entire long weekend.

No more awkward eye contact

Sassy Peace Out GIF

Shades to prevent you from throwing shade.

Strappy heels

There’s no accessory we love more and according to our style expert, these are the ones you’ll be wearing all summer long.

Summer fruits

 rihanna carnival caribbean mango barbados GIF

Okay, so mainly mangoes, but you can’t deny strawberries taste better in the summer too.

Wearing linen for every look

There’s literally no better fabric!

Natural highlights

A pinch of lemon juice in your hair and a few hours in the sun and say hello to some free highlights!

Actually washing your car

anna faris comedy GIF

What’s the point of doing it winter? It’ll just get rained on anyway!

Packing is so much easier

lauren conrad packing GIF by The Hills

Fewer clothes means less packing!

Beach reads

season 4 netflix GIF by Gilmore Girls

Gone are the days of reading in bed! Take those books outside, ladies!

Sangria, margaritas and Pina Coladas

lindsay lohan drinking GIF

Basically, anything that tastes like summer in a cocktail!

Words by Emma Roffey