Australian Bushfires: How You Can Help

07 January 2020

Our beautiful home is burning. At the time of writing, more than 12 million hectares of land have been destroyed by fires across Australia. We are devastated for our home and our hearts are with anyone who has been affected by the fires. 

Like many others, we want to help as much as we can. Showpo has donated directly to the Bush Fire Appeal to support our fellow Australians in fire-affected communities. 

Our CEO, Jane, has also set up an appeal for our Showpo and LMBDW community to raise money for the NSW Rural Fire Service.  You can donate to the Bush Fire Appeal, here.  All money raised will go straight to our volunteers from the NSW Rural Fire Service who have been tirelessly fighting fires on the frontline.

We’re proud of the Australian community for coming together during such a difficult time, to help those who need it most. Here are some of the ways we can all continue to help.


We understand it can be overwhelming deciding how to donate. There are so many fantastic organisations doing their best for our community. If you’d like to donate directly, these are a few of the brilliant organisations providing relief and assistance to fire-affected communities. 


  • Leave a bowl of freshwater outside for animals in fire-affected areas.
  • Head to Airbnb Open Homes or Helping Homes Australia to offer up any spare rooms you have. 
  • Check out @blazeaid to see how you can help rebuild fire-affected communities.
  • Head to GIVIT to see what items are needed for donations.
  • Lend an ear to anyone who might need it. 
  • Be conscious of water restrictions in your area.


Start a conversation with your friends and stay informed about how you can help.

We are so so grateful for the heroic and selfless work of those fighting the fires and the kindness shown by individuals and communities both in Australia and abroad.