2017: The Highs, Lows & Everything In Between

We all whined that 2016 was a shit year, but how many people are sighing with relief at 2017 finally finishing?

But it wasn’t all bad, in fact, I think we just need to realise that some years are shittier than others and life is full of ebbs and flows. So I’ve broken down all the good (and the bad) moments from the year, for true reflection.

Let’s start with the bad, shall we?

  • Australian television standards fell to an all-time low, with many of us captivated by the mystery of who pissed in Jarrod’s pot plant as evidence of the riveting TV station offerings.

  • Avocado’s rarely went on special. They’re more expensive than god damn mangoes right now.
  •  Chris Pratt and Anna Farris broke up, proving love really is dead.
  • The Australian government spent more money on an unnecessary vote than domestic violence support. Rather than just doing, you know, THE RIGHT THING.
  • We were continuously affected by terrorism, with spineless attacks seemingly happening more often than any year prior.
  • Trump continued to be an epic plonker.

  • We still don’t know if Kylie Jenner’s pregnant or not…
  • Bella Thorne started dating Sam Pepper.

And now the good…

  • Keith Richards inexplicably lived another year.
  • Austalia FINALLY passed the marriage equality law.
  • The Greatest Showman was released, one of the most feel-good films ever made.
  • Huda Beauty released a new palette, and it’s EXCELLENT.
  • ‘Jelena’ rekindled. (Justin and Selena)

  • The end of the road for the dirty boys of the film industry. Suck it Weinstein & Co!
  • Mattel unveiled a sporty, hijab-wearing Barbie, breaking more diversity barriers.
  • The Sinner was given the attention it so rightly deserves.
  • Rhianna released a makeup line with Fenty that FINALLY celebrated women of all skin shades!
  • Khloe Kardashian got knocked up.



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