Funny Shit

The Most Accurate Memes & Tweets About WFH

17 March 2020

If you’re fortunate enough to have a job you can do from home, it’s highly advised that you do so, given the severity of the current COVID-19 situation. And typical of humans and our penchant for a good ol’ lol (even in the darkest of times), some REALLY funny memes and tweets have come out about working from home. We’ve collated our faves below…

  1. Here’s the story. 

2. LOL, yeh nothing hey. 

3. ‘Next Christmas you’re literally getting nothing’. 

4. The whole benefit of WFH is wasted. 

5. There’s always one colleague who bloody LOVES a long-ass meeting. 

6. Awkward if you can’t keep your plants alive… 

7. Shut your pie hole, Harry. 

8. ‘Hi, hello, howdy, hey’. 

9. I swear to remain diligent! 

10. Or turn it into a drinking game and get LIT. 

11. Who found my diary?

12. There’s nowhere to hide.