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Celeste Barber’s 10 Best Instagram Videos

28 March 2019

If you’ve never heard of Celeste Barber (and are not one of her 5.6 million Instagram followers) – let’s just say she’s pretty bloody hilarious. Voted ‘The Funniest Lady on Instagram’, named by ABC Online as the ‘Australian Comedy Queen’, and with sold-out comedy tours in the US – Celeste is a bit of a big deal. And we reckon it’s got a whole lot to do with #celestechallengeaccepted…

You know when you scroll Instagram and see all these girls with ridiculous bodies rolling around in their underwear and wondered how bad you’d look like if you actually tried to attempt something similar? Well, that’s kind of what happens with #celestechallengeaccepted. What started in early 2015 as a way of showing average people doing rich people things, #celestechallengeaccepted has gone on to become a regular spoofing of models and celebrities’ social media posts – the sexier the original post, the better for the banter.

From taking the mickey out of the millennial squat to attempting adventurous yoga manoeuvres in her underwear, Celeste has you feeling a little less adequate as you aimlessly scroll through unobtainable Instagram images while sitting there shovelling chocolate down your throat vegged out on the couch in your tracky dacks. Thank you Celeste.

Here, we take a look at 10 of our favourite #celestechallengeaccepted Instagram videos (although we highly suggest jumping on her Instagram and having a binge session of them all…) You’re welcome.

When you’re feeling extra and have to catch a cab.

Making yoga look the graceful, elegant sport it is.

It’s Britney Bitch, Celeste style.

Karate Kid eat your heart out.

Giving Chrissy Teigen a run for her money.

For those wanting to know Celeste’s morning beauty routine…

Getting it done.

So how do you cross the street?

When your $7 body moisturiser is near the end, but you refuse to throw it out until you’ve got every last drop.

How bad bitches roll.