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10 Annoying Habits You Can’t Break But Know You Should

01 April 2019

You don’t mean to be annoying, and like, screw the haters, right?! But now and then, haters gonna hate because you’re actually being really bloody annoying. With a capital A. What’s worse is – you know you’re being annoying, but you don’t really care. Queen. Are we right?

If you feel like you’re a “Yep” to the majority of the below – my bet is that you’re definitely one of those people guilty of doing an Instagram Stories where you laugh into the camera and say “Hate us”. Well babe, don’t make us… jokes, we love you and your slightly peevish ways… Now, be our friend…

  1. Having the most irritating coffee order in the world. “I want a soy latte with the soy in a different cup and I don’t want it to be too hot. Last time it was burnt. And, actually, what type of soy do you use? Oh… never mind. I don’t want a coffee today…”

  1. Turning every outing (or not even outing – sometimes you don’t even have to leave the house) into a selfie opportunity.

  1. Saying “we should catch an uber” when you’re with your girlfriends and then waiting for someone, anyone else to order it so you don’t have to be the one that pays.

  1. Asking your friend to take down her group photo on social media because you look shit (even though everyone else looks a 10).

  1. Messaging to say you’ll be there in 5 minutes – when in reality, you’re still trying to perfect that cat eye in the bathroom mirror.

  1. Getting to the front of a long line and then having a slow hard think about what you want to order.

  1. Complaining that you’re fat… but complaining even harder when your bf tries to wake you up early to go to the gym. Selfish prick.

  1. You borrow your friend’s dresses and then totally forget (ahem) to return it until 12 months later (when you’ve worn it at least a dozen times and it’s not really that fashionable anymore).

  1. FaceTiming in public – cos no-one has anything better to do with their life than listen to your conversation.

  1. Eagle-eye watching your friend eat, desperate for any scraps even though you said you weren’t hungry.

Words by Yelena Fairfax