Winter Wardrobe Inspiration From High Fashion Influencers

05 May 2019

When it comes to Fashion Week, there are no rules to be broken. You can get away with everything! While some looks that come out of Fashion Week are absolutely ridiculous to wear on your average day, we have turned to some of the fabulous fashion influencers who have taken the latest fall/winter trends and created the most eye-catching, mix n’ matched, colour coordinated masterpieces for the ultimate street style winter wardrobe inspiration. Now that the days are getting chillier for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, here are our top picks to get you excited and creative in your fashion choices during the winter season.

Pretty in Pink

Pink shouldn’t be worn just on Wednesdays. Just because it’s ice cold outside and you’re shivering to the bone doesn’t mean you should pull out the standard dark, winter tones of black and grey from your wardrobe. No shade of pink is off limits! Our favourite high fashion regulars were spotted experimenting with pastel pink, hot pink, neon pink and rose gold, so embrace your love of everything pink and channel your inner Elle Woods. Make a statement with a pastel pink power suit and accessorise it with a hot pink bag like the fabulous Leonie Hanne. Wear different shades of pink in the one outfit and break it up with something white like Camila Coelho and Naomi Ross or colour block and match one of your accessories to an item of clothing.

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Eye-Popping Neon

Early on during my high school years, I bought most of my clothes from Supre and the most popular trend back then were neon and fluro ruffle skirts, slogan tees, crop tops and those material belts with the weird loop buckles. As much as I was sucked into the love of everything fluro, I was glad when that trend finally passed. Now, thanks to the one and only Kardashian/Jenner clan, neon is back and is bigger than ever! It’s all about a burst of popping colour. If you look at your outfit in the mirror and feel a bit blah, lift it up with a hint of neon. Grab a neon green bag, throw on a bright yellow sweater, scarf or beanie or make bold moves in an orange dress or neon pink top. Don’t go over the top and lose yourself in all the colours because it’s all about the teasing with this neon tend.

We’ve got neon here. 

Luxe Activewear

We are forever grateful that it’s now appropriate to wear sneakers everywhere and with everything. I have never felt so comfortable wearing a dress with white platform sneakers instead of with heels. Take inspo from Camila Coelho who strolled the streets of Paris in a silvery satin skirt cinched in at the waist with a black belt and a bold coloured off the shoulder anorak. Xenia Adonts was spotted in a white tulle-like midi skirt, a black bodysuit and a white oversized blazer paired with orange sneakers. So cool! It’s all about having fun and being experimental. A look that I also surprisingly loved were bike shorts, worn by many street stylers, with a blazer and a simple tee. This is a great way to dress an outfit down!

Cute and comfy activewear here. 

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The Power Suit

Where the masculine and feminine come out to play! You definitely don’t have to embrace all business with this look. You can go for a more structured pantsuit and break it up with a neutral or colourful undershirt like Danielle Bernstein and Naomi Ross or go for a more laid-back, slouched style with lighter or brighter colours like Pernille Teisbaek in her light grey suit or Leonie Hanne in her gorgeous minty green suit. Takeaways from this trend is not to shy away from colour and to embrace your feminine side.

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Whatever suits you☝🏻

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Mix n’ Match the Unmatchable

It’s all about being fearless! Start by picking out pieces from your wardrobe that at first glance look like they don’t go together and get creative. Danielle Bernstein is a pro at this, look how flawlessly she styled an avant garde, flowy dress with casual jeans and sneakers. Leonie Hanne is also amazing at putting together outfits where you think the colours and prints together will result in a fashion faux pas. I love how she went with the pink colour scheme in her first look and paired a polka dot ruffle top with shimmery, sequin flared pants. She has also managed to look picture perfect wearing an outfit that looks like a colour correction palette!

Snakeskin Boots

Animal prints are all the rage and they have been for a while now but a particular print has become the king of all animal prints and that is snakeskin! Many celebrities and fashion influencers were spotted wearing all styles of boots in this fabulous print. It really makes an outfit pop! Some of my favourites looks are from Aimee Song pairing her snakeskin booties with a mustard colour palette, Camila Coelho in her love of all things blue and Danielle Bernstein mixing boho and western.

We’ve got a sick pair of THIGH-HIGH snake boots right here. 

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Happy Monday 💛

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Into the Jungle

There was a time when animal prints, especially leopard prints were considered more of a fashion fail and something only to be worn by a select few. I don’t know specifically when that changed and became a new must-have wardrobe essential. Tbh, it was probably the Kardashians who made them fashionable again. They are really good at turning what you thought you wouldn’t be caught dead in into the hottest thing on the market. It’s not only about snakeskin boots, but this trend also filters through onto skirts, specifically longer satin skirts and jackets. A cosy leopard print teddy jacket or a midi skirt is a perfect way to embrace this animal print trend without looking tacky.

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Spice it Up

In the middle of winter, think about the season of autumn, not dressing for that season but the colours that come from it. Nutmeg, pumpkin, cinnamon, cardamon, turmeric, basically the ingredients that go into a mulled wine or one of those pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. Just looking at these outfits below makes me feel warm and super comfortable. Don’t be concerned about being too matchy matchy with this trend. It’s totally fine to make one colour your whole focus but if you think you’re beginning to look too much like a turmeric latte, you can mix n’ match two focal colours to create some contrast.

Check out all our warm-toned styles here. 

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Yellow fever 💛

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My sunday look 🌹

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The Return of the Bum Bag

Some of the biggest trends in accessories came in the form of the good ole’, practical bum bag or fanny pack or waist bag, whatever you want to call it. Bum bags were another one of those fashion trends that was once ridiculed but somehow it is now not even a festival must-have piece but has become a very practical and stylish everyday bag. Leonie Hanne likes to wear hers as a crossover bag.

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Corset Belts

Statement belts that sort of look like a corset were also making waves during Fashion Week, embellished with cool studs, sparkles, prints and colours. Pair a statement belt with an oversized white shirt or cinch in a chunky knit and you’ve taken your outfit to a head-turning, fabulous new level.

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Other notable trends that were spotted out on the streets were turtlenecks. You either love them or hate them and even though it feels like you are being slightly choked, they do make you look more sophisticated and put together. If you’re looking for some European chic, wear a turtleneck and pair it with a tweed jacket or a checked coat. Checkered coats aren’t going anywhere just yet and it’s a great option for those of you who want to make a change from your dark or neutral coloured coats but don’t want to go too bold with your prints.

Turtlenecks and coats here. 

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New York, New York 🌞

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