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Nail Your Tinder Profile With These Simple Tips

20 November 2017

So it’s Friday night… and you know what that means… it’s prime Tinder time! 👀 While you might like to pretend that Friday night is for the gals – we all know that secretly you’re making a few too many “toilet stops” in order to have a quick little scroll just to see who’s about. There’s really nothing like a couple of bubbles to have your thumbs getting a little trigger happy – liquid courage my friend, liquid courage.

Being happily coupled up myself – I’ve managed to find myself in the BEST situation where both men and women feel comfortable talking Tinder tales with me. (I’m one of those people that just love “love” – so I’ll happily sit there for hours. I’ll even put my hand up for being the third wheel if my friends are in need of an extra opinion. Yep, I’m #allaboutthelove).

But being a go-to Tinder consult means I’ve also come across my fair share of profile fails (especially with my guy friends – I mean really boys, you might think your mullet is hella hilarious – but that sexy AF girl with the low cut red dress sure doesn’t seem to be seeing the funny side. Left swipes.)

Below, we take a look at the top 10 things you should be doing with your profile that will have the babes flocking like beauty bloggers to a Sephora sale.

  1. I know you think it’s all about your personality. But it’s not. You choose your HOTTEST pictures. And if you think a little FaceTune couldn’t hurt – then you go ahead and use that app. Go on now.

  1. You really like “Pretty Little Liars”? That’s nice. Maybe tell your best friend one day. Or not. But don’t be putting that stuff on your profile. Nobody cares.


  1. You think that shot with your mum is cute? That it shows you’re a family person? It shows them that they want to run to the hills. And fast. Remove.

  1. Don’t be desperate. Just don’t. It can be smelt from a mile away. Be cool.

  1. You’ve got lots of friends and you want to put them in every picture? Good for you. But if it’s impossible to tell which one you are – I’m going to go right ahead and suspect you’re most probably the ugly one at the back… This is probably the only time you’ll hear me say this – but ditch the buds.

  1. Think you’re being funny in your profile description. Funny doesn’t get you far when it comes to Tinder… #justsayin

  1. Travel Instagram accounts are great for that artsy far away shot. Tinder is not. Show your face my pretty.

  1. Some people think politics is for Facebook. Some for Instagram. And some, it seems, for their Tinder profile. Me? I think you’re all wrong. (But then again, it’s probably been over 67 days since I watched the news – so who am I to judge…)

  1. Own it. Confidence is King.

Go get ‘em tiger.

Words by Yelena Fairfax