20 Thoughts You’ll Have On A First Date

30 October 2018

There’s no doubt about it, going on a first date can be awkward. We’ve all been there. And while Tinder means we’re getting more and more used to going on a first date, they never seem to get any easier. But the good news is that you’re not alone. The struggle is real for everyone.

Below, we take you through the 20 thoughts that go through most people’s head before heading out on a first date…


What should I wear to work that is work appropriate, looks effortless for an “after works drink”, while still looking sexy AF? Maybe I should pack a spare outfit and leave one at the office… except I don’t want the girls asking what I’m up to. Guess the old ‘undo a few buttons of the shirt’ trick will have to do…


Just told one of the girls at work what I’m up to tonight – and now getting a bit excited about the first date. Hope he’s as hot as in his profile picture. We tried to have a stalk on Facebook and Instagram, but all his settings are on private.🙄


Starting to get nervous.

First date


Is it too late to cancel? Maybe I should send a text and reschedule. I bet he’s not going to show anyway. Plus, he’s probably not that hot and I’d rather be home watching Bachelor.


Crapppppp!!! He just text me asking “We still on?” – guess this first date is happening. 15 mins till it’s time to put on my face.


Rush to the office bathrooms to start getting ready (although not too ready – you don’t want to look like you’ve tried).


All set to go but the date doesn’t start for another 30 minutes. Decide to have a quick Champers at a bar on the way to help ease the nerves.

First date


Which one is he? Sh*t. What did he say he was wearing again? Why didn’t we just arrange to do a coffee in a quiet cafe? I’m never going to know which of these guys he is… Just going to sit here – better for him to find me…


After some awkward messaging, I find him. He’s half good looking. Kind of. A bit short. Good hair though…


Do I ask for the menu? I’m actually starving. And are girls supposed to not eat much on a first date, cos that’s definitely not going to happen here…


Thank the lord they’re bringing over the menu. Please, please don’t try and order for me.


Why is small chat always so boring? Let’s get some drinks…


That drink went down way too easily, better get another.


Well fed and feeling a little tipsy… First Date Man is starting to look a lot more attractive. Plus, he’s kinda funny. Maybe this one is finally going to be the one to end my three-year boyfriend draught.


Surely he didn’t just check out that other chick? Well, I guess she was a babe. Will definitely have to make sure he doesn’t do that when we’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

First date


Did I imagine it, or did Date Man just move a little closer? Nope, he’s definitely a lot closer. And that hand is definitely on my knee. Forward… but not hating it.


Date Man suggests we go back to his house. You know what that means – but this is my future boyfriend. I decide to hold out – even though the idea of “Just a little spoon while we watch Netflix – promise nothing more…” does sound very enticing…


One last drink before we both call it a night.


An awkward kiss on the side of the road and he jumps in a taxi yelling out that he’ll call me – except I don’t know how because all he has is Tinder messaging. I’m sure he will find a way…


Crawl into bed and do one last stalk of him on social media before sending him a message to say thanks for a great night.