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Here’s How To Insta-Stalk The Lads From The Bachelorette 2019

08 October 2019

Thirst traps at the ready ladies, there’s just one sleep to go before the 2019 season of The Bachelorette begins. Need to get your stalk on before the Angie Kent’s (yep the girl from Gogglebox!) quest for love officially kicks off? No need to worry, we’ve trawled the ‘gram for each of the lad’s personal Instas. You’re welcome.

Timm Hanly

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Cats out the bag… @bacheloretteau @channel10au

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Nope, not a typo, meet Timm with two Ms. Timm, a Fireproofer from Victoria,  is 100% going to play the blokey-bloke with a hidden soft side on the show.

Adam Sellers

Meet 34-year-old freediver and hot dad, Adam. Old mate Adz is seriously slipping on his Instagram game but hopefully, Channel 10 helps him pick up the slack during the season.

Ciarran Stott

Angie must have specified a thing for dudes with long hair because 25-year-old Ciarran also falls right into that type. He describes himself as a “sexual Willy Wonka”, whatever the flip that means, but personally I’m picking up sexual Lucius Malfoy vibes.

Glenn Smith

Glenn is this season’s Jarrod, just look at his Instagram and try and prove me wrong. Fun suit though!

Alex McKay

Oh, look, another long-haired bachelor. This one plays AFL! He’s also never had a girlfriend, which for some reason, I find very endearing.

Carlin Sterritt

Carlin is a 30-year-old fitness trainer from Syd and from the looks of his Instagram, he might also be an influencer. And if he’s not, he definitely will be by time season five is over and done with.

Haydn Trick

Haydn looks like the sweetest little munchkin that I’m not even deterred by the lack of vowels in his name.

Jamie Doran

Jamie Dornan, Jamie Doran, does a single letter make a difference? Not much in my books. Ladies, we have a winner. Also, his lack of an official Bachelorette pic is a weird flex but I’m into it.

Jess Glasgow

Jess is a local politician who rides a scooter for fun so I’m kind of on high alert already.

Jackson Garlick

According to his Insta bio, Jackson takes the ‘r’ out of pretty so count on him to stir the pot.

Jesse Owens

Not be confused with Jess, Jesse is his own man. That man happens to be an insanely jacked 31-year-old from Perth.

Josh Cox

Josh owns a mobile zoo and his Insta handle is @your_reptile_guy, which again, weird flex but okay.

Matt Whyatt

Matt’s a 27-year-old BMX stunt rider from Queensland so he’s basically the male version of Nicole-with-an-h from the last season of The Bachelor.

Tom Bowdidge

Tom from Brisbane is apparently looking for a woman who is “genuine, caring, adventurous, friendly and kind without taking herself too seriously”. TBH, that’s a lot to ask when you’re competing for love against a bunch of other blokes.

Mitch Gould

If this were an Instagram handle competition, Mitch aka @ay.how.u.doin wins hands down.


Nirangaa is excited to be the first Sri Lankan Bachelor, which yes, is very exciting. However, I hope we don’t see a repeat of the Persian incident.

Oliver Bailey

Oliver has already tacked ‘official’ onto the end of his Instagram handle so you can’t say he isn’t ambitious.

Scot Fuller

Scot, 27, is this year’s token contestant from Byron Bay. There’s always one.

Warwick Adams

Do not be confused. Warwick is ‘NOT A PUBLIC FIGURE’ according to his bio. It seems like he prefers, ‘SOCIAL INFLUENZA’ and the shift key, apparently.

Kayde ?

The Bachelorette

Finally, we have Kayde, who apparently doesn’t have Instagram. Welcome to 2019 Kayde.

Words by Emma Roffey