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Marvel Men: Who’s Your Celebrity Superhero Crush?

16 February 2018

In light of the new Marvel film ‘Black Panther’, we thought it’d be the perfect time to stalk the Marvel men of the universe. We understand it’s a tough decision to pick a favourite and with so many choices how can you possibly decide? Well to make life easier, we’ve narrowed it down to the top eight. So the question is ladies…which one of these hotties below would you pick in a time of crisis and what would you base your decision on? His superhero powers, personality or killer looks?

Black Panther

Alter Ego: T’Challa

It’s the man of the hour, Black Panther in his very own film…so let’s review. He wears a skin tight black panther suit (reooww), he is about to become King of Wakanda, the African Nation he calls home, and he’s a freakin Panther! All you ladies out there who’s go-to costume is Cat-woman, then this guy right here would be your ideal pick. Chadwick Boseman (who plays Black Panther) from what we saw briefly of him in Captain America: Civil War, seems super cute and sweet and we’re all about that!


Alter Ego: Peter Parker

Who doesn’t love your good ol’ friendly neighbourhood Spiderman? He’s agile, jumps and swings from buildings in New York City, lives with his Auntie (family orientated is always a bonus), smart and is always out to “catch the bad guys”. A pre-warning though, he can be a little anti-social at times and tends to have this fear towards women so ladies, if you’re an extravert over-the-top type of girl, he probably isn’t your first pick. Tom Holland who plays the most recent version of Spider-man is quite the cutie-pie…personally he’s our favourite Spiderman but shh…it’ll be our little secret.


Alter Ego: himself

Thor is the crown Prince of Asgard, another world and realm miles away from Earth. He is the god of thunder, creates lightning with his hammer and is super strong. Not gonna lie, we may be a tad bias with Thor being one of our very own Aussie heartthrobs, Chris Hemsworth, but that’s beside the point…he’s tall, handsome, wears a cape and did we mention he’s a Prince? Sounds like a worthy contender to me!

Iron Man

Alter Ego: Tony Stark

He’s an egotistical, arrogant and self-centered know-it-all…but he’s also rich, owns his own company, lives in a mansion on the side of a cliff, shoots lazers from his hands and he can fly. Hmm, decisions decisions. Not to mention Robert Downey Junior’s a bit of a hunk amiright or amiright?

Captain America

Alter Ego: Steve Rogers

He’s your all-round Good Samaritan, patriotic to the core and loved by his country. He’s a loyal friend, seeks justice and truth, and will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of those around him. A true leader and Captain, Steve Rodgers will always stand for what is right. He likes long walks on the beach, going to the movies and reading romantic novels in his spare time. HA! Just kiddin…Chris Evans plays the perfect Cap’ and makes yet another skin tight suit look sexy AF. O Captain! My Captain!


Alter Egos: Logan, Weapon X and born as James Howlett

So firstly, let’s address the claws. He has three metal retractable claws on each hand…I’ll just leave that with you. He’s an overprotective alpha male who answered to nobody but himself so ladies, if you like to be the man in the relationship then Wolverine is not the superhero for you. He is also a bit of an anti-social, non-approachable type of guy…but can we blame him after all he’s been through? He does have a sweet side we promise, plus Hugh Jackman’s one of us, so again we’re a little on the bias side.


Alter Ego: Bruce Banner

If you’re into guys who turn into gigantic green beings of anger, then yes…Hulks your guy. But be warned, with his internal struggles of anger and both personalities resenting one another, he’s a big mental mess. However, in time of need, there are many advantages to having a big angry man by your side, so there is that to consider. Mark Ruffalo is such a sweet actor, it’s sometimes hard to picture him in such a role. He’s great in Suddenly 30 and Just Like Heaven…he always seems to play the role of a character you can’t help but feel sorry for.


Alter Ego: Wade Winston Wilson

Last but certainly not least, we have Deadpool. I feel as though people either love him or hate him…or, love to hate him. He’s obnoxious, crude and loves the sound of his own voice, so much so he’s referred to as the “Merc with a Mouth.” Either way, Ryan Reynolds is sexy AF and how can you resist him in a skin tight, red leather onesie? I mean come on…you can’t.

Words by Jacqui Feros