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Instagram Photoshopping – Have These People Taken It Too Far?

02 July 2018

Who’s not guilty of a little FaceTune for Instagram every now and again? A removal of a pimple here, a little tuck of that protruding belly there, and a little wrinkle smoothing alllways (and we’re not just talking about on our clothes). But then there’s Daryl Aiden Yow and Amelia Liana. These two are taking “editing” for the Gram to a whole new level.

First up, Amelia Liana copped flak all across the globe after being accused of photoshopping images of herself at different iconic locations around the world. The pic that set it off? An image of Amelia at the Rockefeller Centre looking out across the New York City skyline, only issue was – the skyline was missing the One World Trade Centre which was built in 2013. Oopsie. Probably should have found yourself a more recent pic of New York to Photoshop, Amelia.

As with most things, the pic spiralled into a further investigation of her feed – leading to questions about a pic of Amelia lying in her own bed that somehow magically had the London skyline right behind her, or an image at the Taj Mahal that has not one tourist in it. Not one. Nor the scaffolding that was there at the time. It’s a bloody miracle (or some great Photoshopping!)

But now Amelia can breathe a sigh of relief as the media turns its focus on a new casualty of photoshopping fraud claims: Singaporean influencer Daryl Aiden Yow. Outed by news publication Mothership, Daryl has been found photoshopping himself onto stock photo images and passing them off as his own. And not just once – he’s done it on multiple occasions. Dayummm.

One of the things that has got lots of people riled up about the self-proclaimed photographer’s behaviour is that he’s done commercial work for big name companies such as Sony and Uniqlo – and the people are angry. Like really angry – meaning Daryl has gone into hiding (and when you go “into hiding” in this digital era, it means you delete all your pictures from Instagram… although we suspect he’s just archived them until a day where he feels like the heat’s moved on elsewhere).

For me, I just find the whole thing amusing (especially all the memes coming out about Daryl – they’re reeaaalllyyy funny, go take a Google!) I see Instagram as a form of art, so expect to see a little Photoshopping and FaceTuning here and there… maybe not to the extent of someone popping themselves into someone else’s photo and claiming it as their own… but you know, I’m not going to send the guy hate mail about it.

What do you think? Do you think Amelia and Daryl took it too far? And is a little bit of Photoshop and FaceTuning okay or do you think Instagram should all be raw and real? Would love to hear your thoughts…