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14 Times Chris Hemsworth Made Our Ovaries Explode

13 August 2019

In celebration of Chris Hemsworth’s birthday, we have stalked his Instagram and found his most drool-worthy Insta posts.

You’re welcome! 

This sexy snap of him driving a boat during the filming of MIB. Damn, take me on your boat and spoil me any day! 

All his GQ covers are what our fantasies are made of, especially this bad boy one. 

When he took this epic selfie with a quokka. Who do you think looks cuter Chris or the quokka? We’ll take Chris, thanks! 

Whenever he declares his love for his beautiful wife, Elsa. They are the ultimate #couplegoals

When he had a dance-off with his kids to Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball. This is what I want my future family fun nights to be like. 

When he hangs out with his parents. Who doesn’t love a man who shows that he cares for his parents? #respect. 

When he posted these gorgeous photos of the women in his life for International Women’s Day. Could he get any cuter?! 

When he showed us exactly how to ride a horse, #aussiebabe 

When he proved he’s a kung fu master putting Jackie Chan to shame. 

Making our hearts melt by taking pics with his doggo bestie. 

He puts the men of perfume ads to shame with his charming stare. I’m hypnotised. 

Yes, please allow us to run our hands all over your washboard abs! 

When he poses for red carpet photos with his wife. They are one good looking couple. 

When he took this fab selfie with The Avengers cast. I volunteer to be an extra in the next movie! 

Your day made by Tamara Bose.