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7 Celebrity Podcasts You Should Listen To Now

27 July 2018

Whether you jumped on the podcast bandwagon years ago or you had no idea that Serial was more than Nutri-grain before everyone was going on about it, podcasts are a fab edition to daily your life. They make commuting more tolerable, cooking more interesting and getting ready in the morning something you’ll look forward to all day.

Some folks love crime or business-based podcasts but personally we believe celebrity podcasts are where it’s really at, particularly when they’re comedy based. You’ll get a fun insight into your favourite celebs’ actual lives, feelings and opinions plus their guests too. Here are seven celeb podcasts you have to check out now. We promise they will literally make your life a TON better. Thank us later!

Unqualified: Anna Faris

Anna and her dynamic with Sim Sarna (her producer and best friend) plus the celebrity guest of the week create a constant circus of literal laugh out loud moments. You may start looking like a crazy person walking down the street but it’s totally worth it! The best part of this fun filled hour is when Anna and her celebrity guest call up listeners who have written in with their personal problems. This modern day version of an advice column is pure brilliance whether you relate to the problem or not. It’s a pervy, feel good delight, despite the fact they constantly draw attention to their ‘unqualified’ disclaimer. It also gives you a whole new perspective on the celebrity guest, turns out some of their advice is spot on!

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Even just listening to the first episode of this podcast will automatically make you feel like a better, more enlightened person. Turns out Dax is not only hilarious but super profound, raw and thoughtful in his conversations with his guests. They range from actors to talk show hosts to rappers and you’ll get a unique perspective on each one. The first episode Dax interviews his wife Kristen Bell and it’s an amazing portrayal of a flawed but extremely loving relationship where they both work hard every day to be the best people they can. Whether you’re in a relationship or not it will inspire you to do better. Make sure you listen to the ‘fact check’ at the end with his producer Monica Padman, it’s often home to some of the biggest laughs.

The Lady Gang

Becca Tobin (who you may or may not remember as Kitty from Glee) hosts this fun podcast with two of her best mates, Entertainment Tonight host Keltie Knight and clothing designer Jac Vanek. These three successful gals provide hilarious and interesting commentary on life in Hollywood as a woman as well as a ‘good week, bad week,’ which usually involves such ridiculous stories that’ll make you feel a hell of a lot better about your own life. Like a mimosa brunch with your best pals these ladies are almost doubly funny when they ditch the guest and are chatting just to each other. They’ve even got a new tv show extension of the podcast coming soon. We can’t wait!

Here’s the Thing: Alec Baldwin

A little more serious than you may expect Alec’s podcast takes you deep into the lives of his celebrity guests. His ability to ask some really in-depth questions makes for amazingly interesting interviews. There’s just something about a celebrity asking the questions to other celebrities that really lets them open up! Nothing’s off limits and the answers he gets from his guests are usually shockingly personal and profound.

Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

If you’re in the mood for some light-hearted fun this is the one. Brandi gets real candid about some of her Real Housewives co-stars if you’re into some spilling of the tea! Despite being momentarily taken off air thanks to her inability to stop swearing, Brandi is back in business and has promised Andy Cohen she’ll be including a ton more of her co-stars now she doesn’t hate them quite so much. We can’t wait!

Make Speidi Famous Again: Spencer and Heidi Pratt

Whether you love them or hate them, Spencer and Heidi Pratt are like a train wreck you just can’t look away from. Someone has given our favourite crystal-toting crazy from The Hills a podcast and we’re loving every minute of it! It’s just as insane as you’d expect and with a name like ‘Make Speidi Famous Again!’ are you even surprised? Highlights include Spencer’s obsession with hummingbirds (he had one called Allen) and his new crystal selling ‘business’. Pure gold!

Amy Schumer presents Four Girls One Keith

Even just the name of this podcast is enough to make us laugh out loud but it sure delivers beyond that. Amy Schumer and four of her fave comedian pals (Bridget Everett, Rachel Feinstein and Keith Robinson) chat through seemingly innocent (except perhaps the anal ep) subject matters – eg love and moms. Don’t be fooled in to listening to this without your headphones in though, things get real racy, real quick! We adore Bridget’s song intros, her voice is pure awesome.  

Words by Cassidy Loane