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Easy Special Effects Halloween Makeup

02 October 2018

I used to watch YouTubers who did special effects Halloween makeup with complete awe and fascination, thinking ‘my god that is talent’. Now don’t get me wrong, they (mostly) are crazy talented and obvs my skillz ain’t got nothing on theirs. But I was very pleasantly surprised to discover SFX gory stuff (like cuts) are easier to execute (terrible word to use when discussing this lel) than you think. Check out my attempt at a slit throat below, I think I did a pretty ok job! Paired with a glam face (and better hair), it’s a great Halloween idea and will make everyone think you’re super skilled and should basically be working in the costume department for LOTR.

What you’ll need:

What you need for SFX makeup

  • Liquid latex
  • Coagulated blood
  • Stage blood
  • Colours for bruising
  • Red face/body paint
  • Scissors
  • Tissues or cotton pads (separated so they’re thin layers)

Obvs you’ll probs already have the bottom 2 items but I easily found the top items for pretty cheap at my local costume shop. 


To begin your special effects Halloween makeup, apply a layer of liquid latex onto clean skin. FYI, the hairier your skin is (like my hairy beast arms), the more it will hurt when you’re ripping it off.

Liquid latex on clean skin


Add pieces of tissue or cotton to the wet latex.

Tissue on liquid latex.STEP 3

Apply another layer of liquid latex over the tissue/cotton and let it dry. Use a hair dryer if you want to speed up the process.

SFX Makeup tips


Repeat this process another 3-4 times (or however many you want really), until gunky looking and dry.

Halloween Makeup


Set liquid latex with powder and THEN apply foundation (yes weird ordering but you want a barrier between the latex and foundation) over the entire area and the normal skin so it’s all the same shade.

special effects Halloween makeup


Start creating ‘bruises’ in varying degree of shade and intensity with a smaller buffing brush. Make sure there are no harsh lines.

Fake bruising


Create a slit in the latex by digging down with scissors to make a small incision and then cutting across.  Pull at the sides so it’s not a perfect cut because we want our special effects Halloween makeup to be REALISTIC amirite!?

special effects Halloween makeup


Use red paint to colour in the natural skin under the sliced latex.

Halloween Tutorial


Use the coagulated blood to fill in the cut, making sure it’s thickly applied.

Fake blood


Drop as much stage blood (which is runnier) into the cut and move the area around to create a dripping effect. Wipe and smudge some for a more realistic look.

special effects Halloween makeup


Let your horrible wound dry and start freaking people out! Even if you don’t scare anyone, they’ll be in awe of your special effects Halloween makeup #skillllzzz.

Fake wound

Makeup products used on my mug listed below:

All the products used

I used a mix of Zoeva and Showpo makeup brushes.

Skincare note: Does the special effects Halloween makeup look hard to remove? I used the new Medik8 Cleansing Oil with the Mini MakeUp Eraser and it all legit came off SO easily. Both prodz are fab at removing makeup and cleansing your skin solo, but this amount of gunk required heavy-duty removal.

What other Halloween looks do you want to see this year? Comment below your suggestions!

Gore creator - Kelly McCarren.