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We Found The BEST Hair Toner

02 September 2017

Blondes may have more fun but when their hair is throwing more yellow than the actual sun, they’re about as cute as a trashy tv star in the 90s.

Now OBVIOUSLY everyone should do as they please with their own locks, after all, you grew them. So if you love yellow shades, go for it! But every blonde gal I know HATES it when their strands start getting all warm on them.

They also hate it when DIY toners or purple shampoos leave their hair covered with questionable purple and yellow patches.

Being blonde most of my life (I did dabble with other colours but it never ended well), I’ve tried every purple shampoo and DIY toner on the market. My hairdresser always uses one and for the first 2 weeks my hair looks fresh AF, but then the little ol’ yellow tones start creeping in COMPLETELY uninvited.

Now although I think that the bhave blonde shampoo and De Lorenzo Silver NOVAFUSION shampoo do a mighty fine job; my ALL TIME favourite shampoo for blondes is the…



Yes, the same shampoo you probably remember your granny using back in the day.

So why the devil is it so much better than the other fellows on the market?


  1. It actually cleans your hair. You know how most on the market just deposit purple tone and then you have to use an actual shampoo to clean? Well, this bad boy lathers like a boss and cleanses your strands real good.
  2. You can usually pick it up for less that $10 from your local pharmacy or grocery store (if not it’s $12.95 MAX).
  3. IT WORKS. It gets rid of all the brassiness in your locks without making them purple in patches. Use once per week for fresh AF locks year round.

No, this post is NOT sponsored. I buy my own and have never even heard from this mob or know who looks after the PR in Australia. I’m just a real fan!   

#NotSpon words by Kelly McCarren