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15 Cooked Beauty Trends That Need To Die Now

25 March 2018

We know that faaarshun can sometimes err on the weird side of things (remember when Bjork wore what looked like a dead swan to the Oscars?), but when it comes to beauty, we’re far less tolerant about the bizarre trends that we’ve been seeing across the ‘gram lately.

From barbed wire brows to vagina nails (yes, you read that correctly), check out some of the most ridic trends we’ve seen so far – and let’s just pray that we don’t see these abominations hit the mainstream anytime soon (or ever, tbh).

Glitter Tongue

Swallowing tiny lil reflective particles can’t be good for you.

Barbed Wire Brows

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Barbed wire brow

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I’m so trendy that I just wake up and mine are like this tbh.

Vagina Nails

I mean, it’s definitely intricate, there’s no doubt about that…


It’s pretty funny, we’ll give ‘em that, but we dunno how this would go down if someone tried to rock this look in an everyday sitch.

Glitter Roots

Glitter is messy AF. You’ll probs be finding random flecks of glitter in your shower for years to come after trying this shit.

Bubble Nails

Remember that book ‘Emily Eyefinger’ about a girl named Emily who had eye on her finger? Yeah. That’s what this reminds me of.

Ear Makeup

We already stress enough about our face and hair looking on-point, now we have to worry about our ears too? Smh.

Feather Brows

Just no.

Furry Nails

‘Cos nothing’s sexier than looking like you’ve got pubes growing out of your fingers right gals?

Lollipop Lips

It’s supposed to make it look like your makeup has rubbed off while sucking on a lollipop (why tho?), but it doesn’t look trendy, it just makes you look like a hot mess.

Dyed Armpit Hair

If you’re all about rocking that body hair then more power to you, but things start getting a bit OTT when you’re dyeing your pits blue.

Squiggle Brows

Poor eyebrows, they’ve really born the brunt of these weird trends in 2017, haven’t they? Plus, these squiggle brows just look like you’ve tried to fill them in after ten too many Proseccos.

Hangover Makeup

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Apparently, the ‘just woke up after a rager of a night and want to vom/die’ look was doing the rounds in parts of Asia, ‘cos there’s nothing cuter than looking bloated, puffy and severely dehydrated. But hey, at least my Sunday morning look is hot somewhere.

100 Layers Challenge

Several YouTubers – including Jenna Marbles – took on the challenge of chucking on 100 layers of foundation, lipstick, highlighter and fake eyelashes. And as expected, the results were nightmare-inducing.

Rainbow Freckles

Cool if you dig looking like you’ve got some mutant strain of chickenpox, but otherwise, not so much…

Words by Jessica Lynch

15 cooked beauty trends that need to die now