23 Signs You’re Actually A Bad Person

Do you know those people who just seem to bring bad vibes about them wherever they go? If they were in a movie – they would definitely be portrayed as the villain, albeit one of those extremely hot villains with an insanely good wardrobe (dammit). The air around them virtually reeks of negativity (and the Juliette Has A Gun ‘Lady Vengeance’ fragrance) and you’ve definitely spotted members of her “girl gang” Googling articles on the best way to detoxify a friendship. Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about? Could it be perhaps because you’re one of them and a bad person? 

Below, we take a look at the 23 signs that you’ve gone from being a badass to just a bad person…

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#1 You’ve heard people muttering behind your back that you’re a “basic b*tch” – and you secretly high fived yourself.

#2 You are the queen of sarcasm – in fact, you find it difficult to have a conversation without including some element of sarcasm.

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#3 People know to avoid you if you’re having one of your “moods” (you know the ones where you glare at anyone who tries to approach you).

#4 You don’t feel guilt or remorse.

#5 You are racist, sexist, ageist, fashion-ist… if you can add an ist to it – chances are you’re it.

#6 You love that Posh Spice doesn’t smile – and try to emulate her at all times.

#7 You don’t forgive. Nor do you forget.

#8 You are the master of manipulation… and you love this quality about yourself.

#9 You’re mean to animals.

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#10 You scoff at any “nice characters” on reality television shows, or on normal television, or in movies.

#11 You can’t help but smile when someone is telling you something horrible that has happened to them.

#12 If someone tells you a secret, you can’t wait for them to leave your presence so you can tell everyone about it.

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#13 You’ve been known to tie up your little brother and push him over – and then laugh while you watch him try to get up (I actually know someone who does this for real… and she’s normally a really nice person!).

#14 You basically choose your friends on how you can use them to be of benefit to you.

#15 You are the first point of call if one of your friends is looking for vengeance advice – you always come up with the best plans.

#16 You enjoy watching other people in pain or squirming out of awkward situations.

 #17 You know how to cut someone down in 3 seconds flat.

#18 You have no empathy for others – nor do you want any.

#19 You see no harm in telling a white lie… or any lie, for that matter.

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#20 You like to have a posse around you at all times – and you have to be the leader.

#21 You’ve totally nailed the ability to use humour to insult people… and get away with it every time.

#22 You refuse to admit you’re responsible for anything that’s gone wrong – it’s 100% definitely always someone else’s fault.

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#23 You love leaving rubbish and wrappers around the place and watching other people have to pick up after you – the grosser the rubbish, the better (and you love a head shake, they’re the best).

So there you have it. If you ticked one or more of these, you may need to ask yourself, are you just a bad person? And if so, please, for humanity, do something about it.

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16 thoughts on “23 Signs You’re Actually A Bad Person”

  1. the person who wrote this is a bad person because this sounds like this is literally a list of characteristics of some chick you don’t like and because you’re 5 years old in the head you use this crappy website to get some kind of stupid revenge.
    sarcasm doesn’t make someone a bad person, neither does being in a mood (sounds like depression)… but having so little empathy for people who have depression or mental health issues does make you a bad person. this website is a joke.

      1. lol thats not a hating you moron and i actually kind of agree with hunty except i dont know about the theory but being sarcastic or being in a mood doesn’t make you a bad person but i also think most of the people who are evil that ive seen are also sarcastic and of course can be a mood when something doesnt go their way

  2. what if my parents are a religious people and I’m not that religious?
    I feel guilty not obeying the things I have to do.

    1. Well few days back this question aroses in mind too and then i started internet research and acqureing knowledge, what i really felt was it doesn’t makes you bad. Its about time, you will for sure acquire that quality someday. So don’t worry, All gonna be fine.

  3. When I realized that I was an awful person, the first, hardest step was owning it. At first I wanted to believe I was a good person who just did bad things. I tried to change who I was, but goodness was confusing and not at all fun. It took me years to be honest with myself about it, but when I broke down and finally admitted I was just bad, it was a relief.

    From there, it was a process of deciding what kind of awful I was going to be. And I think it’s okay for that sort of thing to change over time, as we learn new stuff about the world and about ourselves. I am still thoroughly terrible, but I’m not the kind of terrible I was at 19, or 23, or even 33, and that is perfectly all right.

    Although I’ve always kind of enjoyed being evil, it’s only in the past five years or so that I’ve learned to be truly confident about it. I put this down partly to impostor syndrome, and a bit of… I don’t want to say gaslighting, but I think the people around me have a certain generosity of spirit that leads them to see the good in everyone, and while it’s easy to fall into that mindset myself, I can’t blame them for thinking everyone else is like themselves in that regard. But as I’ve become more confident, I’ve noticed that I’m less likely to be contradicted when I tell people I’m egregious.

    So yeah, if you’re worried you might be a bad person, do something about it. Embrace it. Try to do at least one bad thing every day. If it’s hard at first, think through the consequences of your everyday actions. Whenever I eat a cookie, I think about how I’m spoiling my dinner. Whenever I work in my garden or read a library book, I think about how my failure to buy commodities is undermining the capitalist underpinnings of modern Western civilization. When I wear pants, I think about all the previous generations that I’m scandalizing. And I smile, because I am just that nasty.

  4. Well it’s official I am a horrible human being.
    Well I should have fun at school now after reading this. Thinking of how many people truly see me the way I now see myself

  5. This article is complete bullshit.
    I can’t stand this kind of shitty papers.
    Who are you to let people think they’re complete assholes ? No one I guess, judging by the lack of seriousness of this website. Did you study any sociology or psychology degree maybe ? Don’t think so.
    You sound completely frustrated and there is absolutely no concreed fact in what you said over there.
    To me, you’re the bad person and you should think twice before spreading bullshits like that on the internet.
    Please, for humanity, do something about it.

  6. I’ve always known who I truly am inside,
    I just keep it in there because either it’ll scare people or scare me out.
    Well, I always want to show the real me behind the whole fake mask,
    But I just cannot gather my freaking guts..
    I just don’t know how to and when to..
    Urghh it’s frustrating

  7. you forgot a favorite of mine that wasn’t on the list:

    When a person farts and walks away, all the while looking disgusted and glancing towards the person closest to them

    Oh, wait – I’m the one who farts and walks away.

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