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What Is Clarifying Shampoo & Do I Need It?

26 March 2020

Clarifying shampoo is one of those beauty products you hear gals talking about but just nod along without actually knowing WTF they’re going on about.  Or you use it cos’ everyone spouts about how amazing it is, still having no idea what it is. Kinda like micellar water really.

But it actually is a really useful product so I’m going to give you the DL.

What the devil is it?

Clarifying shampoo is basically like your regular shampoo but on crack.  So while a non-crack shampoo (so your regular stuff) will clean your hair of the usual oil, sweat etc; a clarifying formula gets rid of the more stubborn gunk that seems to collect in your locks from styling products and even regular shampoo and conditioner.

Why do I need it?

Cos’ product and gunk build-up in your hair makes it look dirty and lank.

How often should I use it?

If you’re a regular dry-shampoo fiend and use a shit-ton of hair prodz — once a week is ideal.  If you’re pretty natural with yo’ hair, once a month is fine.

Remember that a clarifying formula essentially strips your hair of any residue so using it too often will be drying and could fade your colour.

How much should I use?

Same as regular shampoo, just make sure you really work it into your roots.

What step does it fall in my hair care routine?

Just exchange your average shampoo for the clarifying formula once a week or so.  I like to follow up my clarifying shampoo with a  really intense masque so my hair stays soft and healthy.

What one should I use?

One bottle will last you yonks as you really don ‘t need to use it often, nor do you need much product when you do.  These are a few I’ve tried and thought were 👌

Words by Kelly McCarren.