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Love Island Australia x Showpo: Week Six Recap

19 November 2021

By Kristen Daly


Romance, drama, hot goss and even hotter ‘fits... bring it on with Love Island Australia! As the official fashion partner for Love Island Australia 2021, we’re serving up look after look for this year’s Islanders - and closely watching on as they hunt for love. Join us each week as we recap all the action at the Villa and help you shop your fave #ShowpoXLoveIsland looks.


Episode Twenty One

Welcome back Island watchers! We’re in Love Island Australia season three, week six and we’re guaranteed more tears, tension and romantic entanglements. First, the tears, as the Islanders reel from Aaron’s shock decision to leave the Villa. Bro trio Aaron, Ryan and Mitch share an emotional embrace and passionate declarations of love.

A sad Jess also makes a case for him to stay, telling him “stuff got blown out of proportion” and “we all really love you”. An overwhelmed Aaron decides to sleep on it in the hideaway.

The next morning, Ben has left but Aaron is still there - and reveals he’ll stick around after all! Jess and Aaron agree to be a team again and give it another go. It’s a sweet moment, but nerves are still high in the Villa - and not just for a reunited Jaaron. Tayla tells Ryan she just wants to be friends, meanwhile Taku isn’t vibing his partnership with Michela and tells her he’s “dragging (her) along”. It’s clumsy wording and this once-promising duo call it quits.

Time for two new bombs to drop! The boys leave the Villa for a day of pampering and return with two absolute honeys - Jade, a 21-year-old from the Sunshine Coast, and Eliza, a 26-year-old from Brisbane. Jade says she’s looking for a confident man and is into Taku and Aaron. Eliza is “ready to find love again” and likes Noah and Aaron. Watch out Jess...

The two intruders certainly make an impact in their stunning swimwear, with Jade going for a zebra vibe and Eliza perfect in pink. You can steal Eliza’s on-trend string bikini bottom look with the Lioness - Decker Canyon Bikini Set in Pink, now available with Showpo!


Lioness - Decker Canyon Bikini Set in Pink

The OG girls are certainly feeling nervous - and sadly for them it only gets worse. Let’s take a moment to remember them when they were happy...

Yeeeep, a totally brutal evening at the firepit is ahead! The Islanders are shocked when texts reveal they’ll be voting out a couple to leave the Villa. Each duo has to privately pick a pair to eject, then share their decision with the group. 

One by one the couples stand, and the bloodshed begins… Jess and Aaron pick Courtney and Noah, and Tayla and Ryan pick Lexy and Hugh (saw that coming). Two pairs are left in deep trouble, with Courtney and Noah and Tina and Mitch both picking Michela and Taku, and Michela and Taku and Lexy and Hugh both picking Tayla and Ryan (touche).

Zoe and Chris have the deciding vote, and we’re holding our breath to hear their choice… noooooo! It’s a cliffhanger ending. While we attempt to exercise patience for the next 24 hours, let’s check out some hot looks from the ep, including Michela in our Sorcha Dress!


Sorcha Dress

We also love Lexy’s tight-fitting strappy brown dress, a look you can steal with the By Dyln - Eugenie Dress. Or be bold in blue like Zoe with the lookalike Lioness - Miracle Mile Dress!


By Dyln - Eugenie Dress


Lioness - Miracle Mile Dress

Episode Twenty Two

After a nail-biting day of waiting - will Tayla and Ryan or Michela and Taku leave? - we finally get a resolution to Monday’s cliffhanger. Zoe and Chris reveal they’ve voted out… Tayla and Ryan! There goes another OG. It feels weird to farewell this tradie from Terrigal who’s been ruffling feathers at the Villa (not to mention powering memes outside it) since the start.

But it’s out with the old, in with the new, as new bombs Jade and Eliza start making their mark on the Island. A text confirms they’ll be picking guys to couple up with that night. Pressure is on! Jade tells Eliza she’s interested in Taku and Noah, while Eliza is team Aaron.

Cute date between Chris and Zoe aside, it’s an episode of tense chats. This at least gives us some time to admire Jade and Eliza’s accessory game. Get Jade’s tortoiseshell sunnie look with the Soda Shades - GG Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell, or like Eliza go for darker shades with thin gold rims like the Peta and Jain - Molly Sunglasses - both available with Showpo!


Soda Shades - GG Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell


Peta and Jain - Molly Sunglasses

Jade and Noah interact a little more and their chemistry bothers Courtney. After taking it very slow with Noah, to the point of treating him a little coldly, Courtney tries to make up for lost time and shows her boy a lot of interest. She’s apologetic about suddenly changing tune but admits it took the bombs arriving for her to realise how much she likes him.

Next she makes use of her nursing skills in the Smooth Operator challenge! The ladies must locate an obscure anatomical feature on the body of their “patients” (the boys in underwear), and let’s just say Nurse Courtney is very handsy with Noah. New girl Eliza also makes the Islanders blush - and Jess squirm - by undergoing a very, ahem, close examination of Aaron.

Eliza later tells Jess she wants to get to know Aaron, and Jess is cool with that - she cares more about how Aaron reacts. Aaron tells Eliza she’s his usual type however he’s still tangled up with Jess. He’s unsure if he and Jess can bounce back but he would like them to.

Evening arrives, and with it Jade and Eliza’s dreaded decision of which guys to steal. Despite her mild flirtation with Taku, it’s no surprise when Jade picks Noah, and Eliza picks Aaron. The new bombs are certainly looking hawt with Eliza in separates and Jade in a sexy LBD. Embrace Eliza’s cowl-neck look in white with our lookalike Emrie Cowl Neck Bodysuit!


Emrie Cowl Neck Bodysuit

Jess is understanding of the night’s events but a sarcastic Courtney is absolutely spewing. Uh oh! Sophie reveals no one is leaving tonight - but we still smell major trouble brewing.

Let’s wrap up instead with this pic of Chris and Zoe, wining, bathing and totally unbothered:

Episode Twenty Three

We’re in for a wild ride on Wednesday night, with awks grand gestures, heated arguments and an even hotter strip show all on the agenda. We start back at the firepit, with Courtney storming off to the makeup room to vent about Jade picking Noah - and Noah seeming fine with it. Jess is less fired up about Eliza stealing Aaron but still describes it as “the worst thing that could’ve happened”. Out of respect for the two girls Aaron sleeps on a pull-out bed.

We get a closer look at the ‘fits here, with Michela standing out in a mint green mini dress. Steal her look with our Ladys Orchid Dress - with an added floral effect for extra cuteness!


Ladys Orchid Dress

The fallout of the firepit ceremony continues the next day, with tears from Eliza after Aaron admits his energy and attention is with Jess. Meanwhile, Courtney spends the episode both fighting with Noah and trying to win him back. She feels he’s treating their partnership as over already, and he’s still confused if her on-again, off-again feelings are genuine.

It’s here that our scheduled dose of drama for the day is interrupted by another hot date! After Zoe and Chris enjoyed a dip in a tub for their rendezvous on Tuesday, Tina and Mitch also head outside the Villa to a sweet spa spot. The hype over our power couples is seriously building now! Tina is looking dreamy in Showpo’s Taylee Tie Waist Playsuit.


Taylee Tie Waist Playsuit

“Everyone’s at a point where they’re either arguing or absolutely falling for one another,” says Aaron. That’s not entirely accurate though, with duos Michela and Taku and Lexy and Hugh all in a cordial but weird limbo. After recently breaking it off, Michela and Taku have realised they’re actually more into each other now and start flirting again. You can get Michela’s shade style with the Soda Shades - Phoenix Sunglasses, available with Showpo!


Soda Shades - Phoenix Sunglasses

While Michaku takes a tentative step forward again, Lexy and Hugh haven’t even inched forward to begin with. Lexy tells Hugh she isn’t feeling the spark… never mind that though, it’s full steam ahead with a big romantic gesture from Hugh! Taku, Chris and Aaron do a silly dance with the lyrics “Hugh and Lexy, you so damn sexy”, leaving poor Lexy to go bright red.

She’s not the only lady blushing this episode, with Love Island’s stripdown finally here! The aim of this iconic challenge is for the dudes to strip down, dance for the ladies and get their heart rates spiking. Whoever raises pulses the most, wins! There’s a full cast of smokin’ hot costumed characters, but Hugh the builder with his gyrating jacked-up bod takes it out.

The ladies are still wearing the pants though, with Jade in the Dilyenne Pants in Chocolate and Lexy in the Zarbita Tailored Pants in White, both available to shop with Showpo! Tina is also looking mighty fine in our Coyote Midi Dress. And a special shoe shoutout goes to Lexy’s strappy white heel, a look you can steal with the Public Desire - Clemmy Heels!


Dilyenne Pants in Chocolate


Zarbita Tailored Pants in White


Coyote Midi Dress


Public Desire - Clemmy Heels

Episode Twenty Four

Another week of Love Island Australia wraps up with a blockbuster Thursday episode - and we’re less than a week away from the finale! It’s an exciting time for those Islanders who are happily coupled up and already have post-Villa life (and, uh, the prize money) on their minds.

But first we cut to the ongoing love triangle between Noah, Courtney and Jade. Poor Noah is *stressed out* this episode, telling Jade he’s not “100% sold on anyone”. It’s not helping that Courtney chastises him for his indecisiveness - and yet the two continue to flirt anyway.

It’s a salty situation chased up with a dollop of sweet thanks to unstoppable power couple Chris and Zoe. After Mitch gave Tina a colourful devotion bracelet this week, Chris goes a step further and asks Zoe to officially be his girlfriend. We dare you not to be moved by Zoe finishing a cute treasure hunt Chris organised for the occasion by running across the yard into his arms! You can steal her angelic maxi skirt look with Showpo’s Break A Leg Skirt.


Break A Leg Skirt

Next up, another fun challenge! Called Make A Splash, it involved each Islander reading out a juicy detail about themselves, the other Islanders calling it out as fact or fiction, then whoever guessed wrong being pushed into the pool. We learn that Aaron once dropped $2k on a first date, Jess once had wild sex in a department store changeroom and Michela once hooked up with her friend’s boyfriend for a year (in her defence - he was lying about it).

The challenge is a much-needed light moment before a stressful recoupling ceremony - the last ever for the season. The group of 14 must be cut down to 12, meaning two girls will have to leave, and the remaining duos will be coupled up for the rest of the show. Eek!

After touching repairings for Tina and Mitch and Zoe and Chris, we cut to the drama. Aaron is paired with Eliza but sticks with OG girl Jess, who he feels loyal to despite the ups and downs. Taku chooses Michela, saying “her patience amazes me” (us too tbh). Hugh goes with Eliza, leaving Lexy single. Finally, it’s Noah’s turn and he can only save one girl out of three - Lexy, Jade or Courtney. Drum roll… in a controversial turn he sticks with Courtney!

Bye bye Jade, who we expected to stay for longer, and farewell to Lexy, who served up many memorable moments on the Island (let’s not forget her crunching an apple and smiling when Ryan left earlier this week - iconic). Now we’re down to 12 and a huge finale week!

But first, a moment for the evening ‘fits! Jess gives the Oceana Mini Dress a whirl and Jess and Tina both add a pop of colour with the Iris Hoop Earrings. Zoe is cute in crochet with the Cappadocia Top and Midi Skirt. And rivals for Noah’s heart, Courtney and Jade, walk on the wild side with some animal print - get Courtney’s leopard look (but make it mini) with the SNDYS - Skin Mini Dress, or steal Jade’s zebra print vibe with our Sineone Skirt!


Oceana Mini Dress


Iris Hoop Earrings


Cappadocia Top and Midi Skirt

Cappadocia Top and Midi Skirt


SNDYS - Skin Mini Dress


Sineone Skirt

That’s it for the week, catch you later for more Islander action and fire Showpo ‘fits!

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