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Love Island Australia x Showpo: Week One Recap

19 October 2021

By Kristen Daly


Romance, drama, hot goss and even hotter ‘fits... bring it on with Love Island Australia! As the official fashion partner for Love Island Australia 2021, we’re serving up look after look for this year’s Islanders - and closely watching on as they hunt for love. Join us each week as we recap all the action at the Villa and help you shop your fave #ShowpoXLoveIsland looks.


Episode One

It’s heeeeerrrrreeee! Host Sophie Monk welcomed the sexy singles to the Villa, located this year in an idyllic spot just outside Byron Bay. After an unsurprisingly entertaining poolside coupling ceremony, we’re left with five sizzling couples - Courtney and Aaron, Ari and Ryan, Rachael and Taku, Jess and Jordan, and Tina and Ronni. Let the games begin!

The freshly matched Islanders then settled into the Villa and got a proper chance to mix and mingle. Sydneysider Tina, 25, looked smokin’ hot that night in the Sorcha Halter Neck Mini Bodycon Dress in Orange! Rachael, 21 and from the Gold Coast, also wore the Sorcha later on in stunning white. You can pick up this scorching party number exclusively from Showpo.


Sorcha Halter Neck Mini Bodycon Dress in Orange


Sorcha Halter Neck Mini Bodycon Dress in White

It’s a huge first day for the single hotties, including 23-year-old Jess from Sydney and 28-year-old Jordan from Melbourne, who partner up by the pool - only for Jess to step forward moments later for 25-year-old Ryan from the NSW Central Coast. Jess and Jordan stay together, but trouble brews again when Jordan and Rachael hit it off and make out. Jess swiftly drops her guy… before looking like a heartbreaker that night in our Coyote Twist Detail Midi Dress.

And just when we thought the drama was over, a major update hits the Villa - this group of 10 will soon become 11, with 20-year-old Brisbanite Lexy joining the fray. This stunning blonde bartender makes a bombshell entrance and certainly looks the part in the ultra-sexy Lauren Strapless Corset Bodycon Mini Dress, now available from Showpo!


Coyote Twist Detail Midi Dress in Pink


Lauren Strapless Corset Bodycon Mini Dress


Lauren Strapless Corset Bodycon Mini Dress

What a whirlwind of spicy couplings, meet-cutes and surprises - and hot AF outfits. Special shoutout to Tina this episode for repping our ultra-glam To The Stars Earrings in Gold!

To The Stars Earrings in Gold

Episode Two

Last night a bomb dropped on the Villa with Lexy’s shock arrival. Fast forward to episode two and she’s immediately commanding the men’s attention, with blue-eyed ladies man Ryan and charmer 24-year-old Taku from Wollongong pulling her aside for chats. Meanwhile, Tina and 21-year-old Sydneysider Ronni turn heads with a sultry poolside kiss. He’s besotted, and who can blame him - she looks amazing in Showpo’s Oceana Asymmetrical Mini Dress!

Next, a milestone moment - the Islanders get a text! Make that two, with Lexy and Rachael both pulling out their phones. Pressure is on for Lexy, who has just 24 hours to pick a man.


Oceana Asymmetrical Mini Dress

Rachael then reveals it’s time to kiss and tell in their first-ever challenge! This game of Fans Only gets all the Islanders spilling their dirty laundry. Sorted into guys vs girls, each single reads out a secret and tries to pick its owner - and also swap a serious amount of saliva.

The smooches are hot and the secrets are spicy - one more than the rest. It’s revealed that one guy has slept with 500 women… put your hand up Ryan! After watching him share a hot kiss with Lexy, then cause a stir with this revelation, Ari, 25 and from the Gold Coast, requests a chat. Her maybe-playboy tries to convince her he isn’t messing her around.

Ari is unsure again in a hot minute though, after Lexy lines up dates with Ryan, Taku and Aaron - and they all go superbly. Aaron, 24 and from Perth, is also singled out by Jess, who says after recent banter she feels some sexual tension brewing between them. She’s looking fire here in the Runaway The Label - Calista Maxi Dress, available now from Showpo.


Runaway The Label - Calista Maxi Dress

With the clock ticking, Lexy has to choose her man… and she serves up the drama by picking Ryan. Poor Ari! It’s a huge final scene and the Islanders dress the part, with Tina in the leather-look Charli Top and Charli Pants, also by Runaway The Label. Woman of the hour Lexy also dons a sexy rainbow mini - our very own Andrealyn Halterneck Dress.


Runaway The Label - Charli Top and Charli Pants


Andrealyn Halterneck Dress in Pink Multi

Episode Three

What a week so far! Love Island’s single babes are still reeling from Lexy’s big decision and Ari’s new singledom. A visibly upset Ari discusses it with Ryan, and issues him an ultimatum: he can’t go back to her if he sleeps in Lexy’s bed that night. Ryan opts for cuddling up with his new boo and Ari is left alone to hug her own pillows.

Chin up babe, it’s not to last! The next day a refreshed Ari and Courtney, 23 and from the Gold Coast, both receive exciting texts - they’ll be leaving the Villa for mystery dates! An ecstatic Courtney looks cute here in a black bikini and matching square-shaped sunnies - you can get this trendy look with the Soda Shades - Steph Sunglasses in Black.


Soda Shades - Steph Sunglasses in Black

And hello, two new Islanders! Ari and Courtney hit the beach and meet a pair of hunky dudes - Mitch from Melbourne and Chris from the Gold Coast, both 25. The girls dress the part, with Courtney in leopard print and Ari in Showpo’s babin’ Skylah Mini Cross Over Halter Dress. That deep V-neckline and waist cut-out is sure to catch Mitch’s attention!


Skylah Mini Cross Over Halter Dress

While Courtney, Ari and the boys are picnicking, back at the Villa excitement for the newcomers is rising. Jess and Aaron still have their flirt on, but sparks between Rachael and Jordan have dimmed, and Tina is feeling a little uncertain about Ronni. With their own couplings seeming lacklustre, the girls are more than ready for some fresh blood.

Fellow nerds Chris and Rachael quickly bond over a mutual love of Harry Potter, while Mitch bonds with… all the ladies. His tall and muscular AFL-honed physique is a major hit in the Villa. Chris and Mitch score an invite to a hot tub sesh with the girls (no other blokes allowed), plus more than a few pashes in an evening challenge called Spill The Tea. Everyone looks hot, especially Jess, who wears our Hadid Button Down Satin Shirt Dress.


Hadid Button Down Satin Shirt Dress

Cue an arm wrestle, a three-way kiss, lots of steamy make-out moments and jealous side-eye… and we’re promised even more juicy updates next episode!

Episode Four

It's here - the final episode of the first week of Love Island Australia season three! The couples are chilling after their teabag challenge but the tea is still piping HOT. Jess tells Aaron that the chemistry she thought might’ve developed between them isn’t there. Aaron takes the news hard, and Jess chats it over with Taku, who she’s seriously bonding with.

Jess and Taku agree to hang out again, but first - our Islanders get ready to game, set, match! They’re instructed via text to don tennis whites for Pash or Smash, a game involving hitting balls and… kissing. That’s all you really need to know. Lots of enthusiastic pairs lock lips, while other matches are less than ideal - including Jess and a frustrated Aaron.

Taku decides to make a major move with Jess by presenting her with a delish homemade fruit platter. His efforts pay off and their platter party ends in a strawberry-sweet kiss. Bless! You can get her orange mini dress look with Showpo’s very own Island Babe Mini Dress.


Island Babe Mini Dress in Orange

Taku then scores big a second time, with news that fans at home have voted him in as their favourite Islander. The news leaves him a little teary - and all of us at home are suddenly wondering what’s got into our eye… sadly the night ends on a sour note when Taku chats to Aaron about the Jess snafu and it gets very tense. All of this over a fruit platter!

Messy love triangles aside, the girls serve up some major style inspo with their ‘fits this episode. Rachael and Chris enjoy a lingering kiss and she’s looking suitably sultry in the Runaway The Label - Ruby Shirt Dress in Fuchsia. Sparks also fly between Mitch and Tina, who sports our slinky Luciana Rouched V Waist Skirt and the matching Rouched Front Top in Cobalt. And earlier on, Courtney looked gorg in our striped Cammie Halter Neck Top.


Runaway The Label - Ruby Shirt Dress in Fuchsia


Luciana Rouched V Waist Skirt and Rouched Front Top in Cobalt


Cammie Halter Neck Top in Black Stripe

That’s it for the week, catch you later for more Islander action and fire Showpo ‘fits!

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