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Laura Jade Stone: Instagram’s Teeny Blonde Superstar

05 October 2017

A few months ago, I was visiting my delightful hairdresser and as always, we began our appointment with me showing her styles I want to emulate, before she (quite rightly) refuses as she knows I don’t ACTUALLY want to do it as I feel the same way about change as tequila shots – I like the idea but won’t ever commit.

So in typical Kelly fashion, I started telling her that I wanted to chop off all my hair and go lighter before she interrupted me saying ‘let me guess, Laura Jade Stone’ much to my amazement.  It transpired (after she told me I’d look like a soccer mum with that cut) that little miss LJS has one of the most requested heads of hair in Aus, and not a week goes by where ol’ Shez (my hairdresser)) doesn’t get a few ‘LJS hair’ inquires.

What’s the point of my rambles you ask? Well the gals hot property and we’re lucky enough to have her spill some of her fave things with us…

Fave book?

Harry Potter #happypotternerd 😏

Fave film?

Titanic will always be my favourite, my first crush Leonardo Dicaprio 💕

Fave food? 

Minestrone soup 🍜

Fave lipstick? 

Kylie Jenner 22, the best red ever 💄

Fave bar? 

Adelaide – Maybe Mae / Sydney – Palmer & Co

Fave song?  

At the moment I’m loving anything by Snakehips!

Fave person?

My boyfriend, Ben hehe 🙊

annnnddd you can see/shop her fave Showpo styles right here!