Accessories To Style With Your Winter Outfits

19 June 2019

Lately, when looking out the window here in Sydney, all you see is rain, fog and dark skies for miles. Like most people, the last thing you want to do in this situation is to pick out a cute outfit and make yourself look pretty. If you’re like me, you find yourself rotating the same pair of jeans and jumpers without giving much thought into accessories. It’s all about being comfortable and going for what is the warmest, right? While this makes total sense because you don’t want to freeze to death, winter is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your style and make yourself feel hot AF even if the weather threatens to make you feel the complete opposite.

Accessories To Style With Your Winter Outfits

Hair Accessories

When stepping outside in the winter, most of your body will be covered by the same big ass coat you wear almost every day. Impress the masses with the fashion choices on your head. Beanies and hats are an obvious way to accessorise but get creative and tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail with a colourful or printed scrunchie. Wearing a leopard print teddy jacket? Match it with an animal print scrunchie.

Hair clips are also making a comeback and they add such a pretty detail to your outfits. Clip those stray hairs back with pearl hair clips or pin your hair back in a half-up hairdo. Headbands and delicate headpieces are another trending piece at the moment, so bring some colour into your outfit with headbands you can tie up and create a knot at the top of your head. Embrace your inner Jenny Humphery, pre-goth days and go for a delicate pearl headband or one with a thin and slightly embellished gold or rose gold band.


Belts are a great way to add some depth to your outfits. Corset style belts and other high waisted belts are a flattering way to accentuate your waist when wearing sweater dresses and oversized jumpers. Belts with an embellished buckle are also a go-to item to wear with jeans and a denim skirt. Figuring out what to wear to the clubs during winter can be so frustrating because annoyingly most bars and clubs in Australia don’t have coat rooms.

We suggest wearing the classic jeans and a nice top (if the occasion calls for casual vibes) or a long-sleeved dress, one that won’t show your sweat patches because you’ve been dancing all night long. Pair it with ankle boots or fabulous knee to thigh high boots and accessorise with a chain belt or embellished belt. Throw on a blazer that you can tie around your waist and you’re good to go!


Scarves are your best friend during winter. They feel like a warm hug! We’re obsessed even if our hair gets stuck underneath all that material and reveals a knotted mess when we take it off. Chunky scarves are obviously the most practical choice. They brighten up outfits immediately. Buy your basic neutral colours but also go for more bold colours and printed scarves. If you’re wearing a plain black or grey coat, opt for the more out there option.

Silk scarves are another beautiful accessory, however these are more for decoration not for warmth. There are many ways you can accessorise with a silk scarf. Wear one over a high neck top, wear it as a belt, tie it around the straps of your bag, tie it around your wrist or use it as a headband.

Socks & Tights

If you’re planning on wearing a short skirt or dress, before you put on your usual black tights, try something different and choose printed and coloured tights. If your skirt or dress is in a neutral, plain colour, go for the more bold option. We’re loving warm colours of mustard, wine and emerald green this winter. If you need some more fashion inspo on how to style tights and other accessories, look no further than Gossip Girl. Yes I know, we’ve used a GG reference already but that show took winter style to another level. They had to, winter in New York is bloody freezing! Another more recent show with fab style inspo is The Bold Type, also set in NYC.

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The other trend we’re loving is socks. You may think this is boring and if so you haven’t been wearing them to their full potential. Buy printed and colourful socks with little details and have them peeking through your ankle boots or wear sneakers with your socks pulled up. Trust me, it looks super cute!


Draw some attention to that beautiful face of yours with hoop earrings that have delicate details or big and bold earrings. Think hoops with little drops in the middle or underneath. Go for earrings with colourful tassels, feathers and sparkles. If you want to pay attention to detail, you can colour block and match your scarf or bag to the colour of your earrings. It makes dressing up way more fun!

Top tip for dressing in the winter, take the time to plan out your whole outfit the night before so all you have to do when your alarm goes off is get out of bed, as hard as that is and get ready. Hang up the coat you’re going to wear and lay out your accessories and shoes too. It will make your morning routine feel a lot less rushed.

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Tamara Bose.