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How To (Calmly) Postpone Your Wedding

24 March 2020

In all your planning, deciding on how you would postpone your wedding probably never came up. First things first, call your venue and find a new date. Chances are in your contract there is a clause for changing the date. There might be some fees associated with it but given the circumstances of your decision to move the wedding, it's unlikely you'll lose your deposit.

Can I still get married during COVID-19?

Let's rip this off like a bandaid. No. The official advice of most governments (Australia included) is that if your wedding was due to be in the next eight weeks, you need to postpone it. But postponing is not cancelling, ladies and gents.

So, when can I get married?

No one really knows when brides and grooms are going to get the green light again. If you're wedding is in the next eight weeks, consider pushing it back until the end of the year or the same time next year. If the time comes and you still can't do it, push it again.

But the date really meant something to us!

Elope or do something special on your original date if it means that much to you. When things calm down, you can have the wedding you had always planned.

How do I tell my guests the new date?

Just like you'd send out a save the date, whip out that address book and send out change the dates. If you need a less-expensive solution, there are plenty of great email templates that do the same thing. 

What do I do if my deposits are nonrefundable and my vendors won't postpone?

Talk to your highest priority vendors first, that means venues, catering and probably photography. You won't be the first person to contact your vendor so it's likely they already have contingency plans in place. Ask about transferring the funds you've already put down for another date, that way there is no money lost for either of you.

What's the best way to coordinate everyone?

Email is your new maid of honour. It's tempting to pick up the phone and sort things out on the spot, but with email you have everything in writing. There can be no miscommunication about who needs what. It'll also hep if (like me) you're a tad bit emotional about everything. You can get all of your questions clearly out. Just remember, this situation is nobody's fault and we all deserve a bit of patience.

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