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What To Wear To A Rave

Let’s be honest, dressing for anything other than the gym is tricky and requires thought, and this time it’s a rave. You’ve sorted out who you’re going with and how you’re getting there, but have you given your outfit a thought? Raves aren’t for the delicate – they’re gritty, loud, exhilarating and intense. Keep in mind you could be dancing for up to 12 hours. So in my mind, going to such an event is a test of endurance, which is why your outfit should serve as a survival kit. But really that’s just my mother hen practicality speaking. The real philosophy for dressing for a rave is to leave your inhibitions at the door because anything goes. Hmmm, that’s still really vague. Ok, let’s break it down and discuss our options to ensure you not only look and feel good, but you keep raving all night long…

#1 First things firsts, get creative…

The nonstop flow of techno beats makes for an electric wonderland. It’s not unusual for fellow rave-goers to be dressed in costume so expect to see plenty of angelic angels and fairies. We don’t recommend hiring a costume or anything that has to be returned though because it’ll be dirty come dawn. Just do us proud by taking advantage of the judgment-free environment and aim to stand out! YOLO is the unofficial theme.

#2 All that glitters…

Sequins, sparkles and neon are your best friends for this occasion and it’s not just reserved for your clothing!  So if you don’t mind residual glitter in your hair on Monday then use it in place of your traditional highlighter on your cheekbones and anywhere else you fancy for that matter. Play up your eyes with the loud and bold colours you never usually get a chance to use in your eyeshadow palette. Also, this is the one time you can get away with glow in the dark anything, so indulge your inner anime character.

#3 Dare to bare up top…

Try a corset, crop or bustier top. If you don’t like reppin’ your tummy then there’s always a bodysuit. Pair any of these with high-waisted sweatpants, miniskirts or shorts and you’ll be good to go.

#4 Exercise some practicality…

When it comes to your footwear, definitely make sure your toes are covered… unless you want to lose one. And remember you’ll be running around dancing and getting dirty, therefore rock comfortable sneakers or flat boots that you don’t care about ruining. As for which bag to take, a backpack or bumbag are the number one options. There’s enough room to stuff a jumper in there for when it gets cold later (the mama in me speaking here) and it’s clearly just the most practical option.

#5 Add some extras…

Leave your good jewellery at home and layer the glow sticks (not even joking) and hey while you’re at it, go crazy with the body paint because it’s the only time in your adult life where it will be socially acceptable and permitted.


Words by Jennifer Aitken.

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