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2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

03 May 2018

Gosh, where on earth has the year gone!? One minute I’m choosing which sequinned number to wear for NYE and the next, it’s 10 days until Mother’s Day and I haven’t even gotten mine a novelty card yet. 😳

When I asked around the office for suggestions to include in this list, I was met with numerous blank stares. Which further highlighted the need for such a gift list. So whether you’re saving your pennies or earning serious bank, I’ve got some awesome ideas below for all the precious Mumma bears out there.

Also, I may not be a mother to humans, but I sure as hell am mum to a pair of naughty kittens, so my BF better get me something good from this list. 😌

  1. Anyone else’s parents start going on super elaborate trips once you’d all left home? 🤔 Well, mine bloody well did and I’ve never been invited. 😒 These pretty travel accessories are sure to make your mum smile and she will always know which suitcase is hers!
  2. Quality beauty products aren’t always going to break the bank, we’re now stocking the Pixi beauty range and every prod comes in under 50 smackeroos. Winning!
  3. Treat her to tea a wee bit more exciting than the boring black stuff she buys in bulk from Coles.
  4. Your PopSocket changed your life amirite? Attach one to mums phone to legit, make her whole week. ‘BUT NOW IT STANDS UP BY ITSELF’!
  5. This burgundy palette from Maybelline is perfect for mummas as the colours are super wearable and flattering.
  6. If you get her this gorg cup, make sure she actually uses it rather than saving it ‘for a special occasion’. 😂
  7. Ok mum is going to be trendy and sustainable AF with her little think coffee cup!

  1. Does anyone else have a mum who wacks on lipstick without lipliner and then just lets it bleed all over face all day? Yeah, mine too. She won’t ever have an excuse with this Zoeva collection as it has pretty much every shade she would use. PLUS they’re creamy and glide on like a dream. 🙌
  2. This is such a good idea for the mum who is always like ‘how did you watch that show’ and you’re just like ‘🙄’. Give her a taste of Netflix with a gift card as that way she won’t need to enter credit card deets, just this bad boy.
  3. Another great voucher idea is for a massage, quite possibly, my fave thing ever. Endota does a fab job and there are salons EVERYwhere.
  4. Veuve, duh. Make her pop it with you. 😉
  5. I love Peppermint Grove candles so dang much, they smell amazing AND they’re housed in the prettiest jar in candle land. Get mum an extra large chap so he can burn away until next Mother’s Day.
  6. Haha this yoga mat is the greatest thing ever. I love sarcasm in all of its forms.
  7. If mum is a stress head or just likes to keep things ‘natural’, essential oils are where it’s at. Arbonne produces only the best in quality so you know you’re getting the purest shit, not anything sub-par.
  8. So long fortnightly manicures, DIY at home with awesome results thanks to this OPI gift pack, put together just for Mother’s Day. This is such a good gift as mum’s don’t generally like to spend too much on their nails, so it’s a real ‘treat yo’ self’ gift.
  9. Get her a cosy knit as the most failsafe gift ever.

  1. She will be chuffed as chups with her own personal monogrammed MonPurse clutch. 
  2. Gone are the days when exercise balls were fugly and cheap, this luxe rose gold one is pretty enough to sit in her loungeroom when she’s not using it.
  3. I gave my mum one of these years ago and she uses it religiously, often telling me how much it’s ‘changed her skin’.
  4.  A girl at work wears these on the reg and they’re so versatile and interesting. Samantha Wills does rose gold jewellery like no other!
  5. A bunch of pretty blooms will always make any gal smile, just don’t tell mum how much they cost. 😳💐
  6. If your mum is still using the shitty makeup brushes that came in her blush palette 10 years ago, she’s overdue for an upgrade. I love the Zoeva brushes, they’re really great quality for a reasonable price AND they look good. 😝
  7. This winter coat is chic, effortless and timeless. Something she could have had for years and something she’ll have for many more to come.
  8. Shake all mum’s beliefs (‘you don’t need to spend money on linen and bedding’) with one of these ridiculously soft blankets. The ZARA Home throws are SUPER soft and good quality.

  1. Introducing your mum to a ghd (necessary) needs to come with a lesson on straightening and curling using the device. You may think straightening is pretty self-explanatory but trust me, it’s not.
  2. The best stuff your mum will ever slather on her face. I’ve tried the mask and it’s EPIC so I can only imagine how insane the night cream is. Mum can try everything with this gift pack and she (and her skin) will thank you for it.
  3. I don’t know how to describe this fragrance because it’s so damn unique. It’s the perfect fragrance for mum, without being ‘mumsy’ (if that makes sense lol). Exquisitely crafted, this timeless scent keeps surprising you with new notes throughout the day, it’s something none of her friends will have, that’s for damn sure.
  4. Soft, silky and luxurious pyjamas are such a nice upgrade from the ones she probably grabbed on sale (and in a packet) at Big W.
  5. If your mumma loves art, she will surely love something from the Anya Brock collection. My favourite artist, you don’t have to be loaded for a painting as she sells prints too.
  6. If your mum doesn’t like to buy herself a fancy new duvet every few years (on special obvs), is she even your mum? Suprise and delight her with a GORGEOUS set from Private Collection to show her that you do actually pay attention!
  7. Possibly one of the greatest things I’ve gifted my mum, she now carries her speaker around the garden, into the pool area and just loves using it while she’s cooking (her singing and hip wiggling are still a bit mortifying but oh well, at least she has fun).
  8. If your mum is still using some old hair dryer that takes 20 minutes to dry her locks, she needs an upgrade big time. The new hair dryer by Remington is effective and looks way better than the old school design,

Sick graphics (at least she thinks they are) and words by Kelly McCarren.