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What To Wear To A Concert

27 February 2018

Is there anything better than singing and dancing like a pack of sardines with absolutely no space to breathe, stand or even think? Pair that with the girl next to you *accidentally* nudging you, leaving sweat particles all over your arm. The answer is HELL NO!

No matter how gross and confined concerts are, something about the atmosphere is electric and there is no better feeling than jamming out with your besties to the songs you die for. The problem is, what the hell do you wear to a concert these days?

Your outfit has to be genre-appropriate and trendy with an element of practicality. The secret ingredient is looking like you didn’t try, aka groupie-esque. Easier said than done, right? Well don’t worry gals, you just buy the tickets and we’ll take care of the rest…

Outfits to fit the genre:


There’s nothing better than going to a concert and channelling your inner rocker vibes. Now that rocker tees and band prints are all the rage, what better way to hit a concert than with your best grungy look? Try to
emulate the model-off-duty look, carefree and edgy from head to toe.

Whether you’re moshing or head-banging at the back, pull out an oversized band tee, your favourite pair of distressed jeans and a choker of course – and you’re good to go. BUT if you’re wanting to take this look to the next level, why not grunge the EFF out of your make up too? Ladies, I’m talking dark lippy, bold winged eyeliner and brows that would make even Miss Cara Delevingne jealous!


You’re a trap queen but not a ho’. You like the 90’s but you’re a millennial. Stay away from full ghetto (or anything too skimpy) and think like a Kardashian. Remember you’ll be feelin’ yo’ self particularly with an R&B beat, so you want to make sure you wear an outfit that allows you to move your body to the rhythm.

Try pairing an over-sized hoodie/sweater/long-sleeve with bike shorts and boots. If bike shorts aren’t your thing (which is A OK), opt for a crop top with ripped boyfriend jeans, sneakers and throw a bomber jacket over the top to complete the look. 



Think girly and a little flirty. You’ll be dancing a lot and the venue will be packed with a million other girls dancing and screaming with you, so go for something light and breathable, but fun!

Our foolproof outfits for a pop concert include a cute pair of overalls with sneakers, a denim jacket with a cute crop top


You can get away with wearing, or not wearing, pretty much anything here. Do give a thought to how well you can rave in what you’re wearing. The slightly controversial (but actually super stylish) bumbag is your friend here and styled with a metallic/printed/neon bodysuit with denim cut-offs or a skirt with sneakers will give you the electric vibe you’re after. If bodysuits aren’t your style, try a playsuit with combat boots and funky socks! Everybody loves funky socks… 



Warning: don’t go too theme heavy and risk looking like a cowgirl at a rodeo, but do have fun with fringe, denim, flannels and suede hats.

To make sure you get it right, think white shirt, denim flares with stacked heels and a suede hat, or denim shorts, white singlet and a red flannel tied around your waist (and of course the suede hat). If you are however wanting to go really country gal girly girl then definitely wear a lacy dress with a fringe jacket and knee-high boots. Just don’t take a whip to the concert, leave this accessory at home for post-concert activities 😉

Other aspects to consider:


I don’t know whether concert merch has been blessed by the Pope himself or sewn with pure gold threads, but it shouldn’t cost a kidney to support your bae Bieber AMIRITE? We’ve all been there and felt the pressure to buy merch to fit the part as the most supportive Belieber at the concert, but $60 for a top that says BIEBER in Times New Roman font is just absolutely ridiculous. Ladies, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from getting a basic tee and creating your own merch. You can use spray paint, textas or material and super glue – challenge your inner creativity! Not only will you be the only one wearing it and be totes original, but you won’t have to sell your first born to show the Biebs your utmost love and devotion. 


Now I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to concerts I sweat from places I didn’t even know existed. You’d take one look at me and think I had just walked out of F45 and I’m not even sorry. So why not wear your favourite *moisture absorbent* leggings and a pair of runners to a concert? Not only will you be fit and stylish, but you’ll be hella comfy and it’s PRACTICAL AF. Who said Active-Chic wasn’t a thing? You can thank me later.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that getting your hair to cooperate is the biggest hurdle to overcome when it comes to getting ready for a concert. I feel like no matter how many times I pass my straightener over it, I just become Marge Simpson once I take one step into the arena. The frizz is just unstoppable and I’m not ok with that. The BEST solution to dealing with your hair at a concert is braids. Not only does it look like you’ve put in a TONNE of effort, but they essentially mean that there is nothing stopping you from absolutely jamming out to your fave tunes. Throw some glitter down the part of your hair and you’ll have some ultimate festival vibes going on.


Speaking of glitter…did you really go to a concert if you weren’t decked out, head to toe in glitter? I’m talking the ultimate glitter highlight on your cheeks, collarbones and inner corners. What better way to take your outfit from 0 to 100 real EFFING quick than by basically having a glitter bath before any concert? Not only will glitter have you looking like a GLOWING GODDESS, but it is guaranteed to make you more noticeable in a crowd and maybe even give you that fairytale moment where you’ll lock eyes with the Biebs himself.

Still not sold on what your wardrobe has to offer for your next gig? Nothing screams concert ready like a brand new outfit, find a little more inspiration here!

Words by Jennifer Aitken & Elizabeth Tortorici.