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Your Ultimate Wardrobe Edit

18 September 2017

Thanks to online stores (like Showpo), trends are more accessible than ever before. Many a lass will have a wardrobe brimming with an eclectic array of prints, fabrics, textures and styles.

But amongst the luxe blue silks, mustard florals, and velvet accessories; your wardrobe needs a bunch of basics to fall back on and keep your look fresh AF at all times.

If you spend the time and cash curating the perfect capsule wardrobe with the essential basics; you’ll never again have ‘nothing to wear’.

Here are the 10 basics every gal needs. Once you’ve got these sorted, you can shop for the ‘fun stuff’ as much as you dang well please.


I mean, you knew this would be in here right!? A white tee in a soft fabric that fits like a dream should be a wardrobe staple in every gal’s wardrobe.

Perfect for weekend vibes with jeans and can be dressed up for work with a sharp blazer. Keep crisp with Napisan and replace as soon as the underarm area gets crusty and yellow as that ain’t chic.

Whether you layer this tee under a sweater or over a tank top, tuck it into a skirt or let it hang free with a pair of denim cutoffs – it’s one of the most versatile items you can own.



Don’t spend 10 mins jumping into jeans so tight you then have last night’s dinner hanging over your waistband.

Spend time finding the perfect fit with skinny jeans and you’ll never look back. Perfect for weekends with a rocker tee or dressed up with heels.

3. BOYFRIEND JEANS (that your boyfriend isn’t allowed to touch).


Tell bae to get his own as these jeans should fit you perfectly around the waist before being the perfect slouchy fit around your legs.

High-waisted, ripped, light-washed – boyfriend jeans come in every style you can imagine. So chic with heels and a bodysuit.



Oversized, fitted, cropped, textured, leather, suede, denim – whatever your style, you can find a black jacket that encapsulates it perfectly.

Spend the time sourcing your perfect jacket and you’ll always have an option to throw over any outfit.



A throwback to the 90s, denim jackets are an essential to every cool girl’s wardrobe thanks to its trendiness and versatility.

Grunge up an outfit with one or throw it over your shoulders for the perfect transeasonal look.



This doesn’t necessarily have to be a LBD, it could be a LRD (little red dress) or even a LWD (little white dress – you get the gist).

I don’t care about the colour, it just needs to be a solid hue so it goes with more and you need to feel FANTASTIC in it. Throw on to wow your date or be the belle of the dance-floor.


You never know when you need to do a presentation to the board, nail a job interview or present to a bunch of peers – but you need something that makes you feel like the strong, independent woman you damn well are.



With endless styling options; under a dress or a blazer, oversized as a dress, cinched in with a corset etc – it’s no wonder the ‘perfect white shirt’ is as sought after yet oddly elusive as the loch ness.

Once you find that perfect shirt, consider all of your styling woes forgotten as you always have this bad boy to fall back on.



Think structured or relaxed and go with it. Chuck over any outfit to up the corporate angle and roll up the sleeves when you head to the bar to keep the look contemporary.



How many tops have the innate ability to look sophisticated with a pencil skirt, sexy with a pair of leather pants, and effortlessly relaxed paired with slouched denim?
Only the striped tee really – it’s never met a piece of clothing it didn’t complement.