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Love Island Australia x Showpo: Week Five Recap

11 November 2021

By Kristen Daly


Romance, drama, hot goss and even hotter ‘fits... bring it on with Love Island Australia! As the official fashion partner for Love Island Australia 2021, we’re serving up look after look for this year’s Islanders - and closely watching on as they hunt for love. Join us each week as we recap all the action at the Villa and help you shop your fave #ShowpoXLoveIsland looks.


Episode Seventeen

Welcome to week five! In tonight’s blockbuster episode, Casa Amor wraps up with an epic and emotional recoupling ceremony. The Islanders have a choice to make: stick with their OG partner, or twist to a new guy or gal. Anyone left single at the end will leave the Villa.

Some couples have stayed loyal, most notably Tina and Mitch and Jess and Aaron, but other partnerships are yet to be decided. Last episode Taku tried to make amends with new girl Michela after originally passing her over for Aisha. Is he ready to be vulnerable again?

Meanwhile Courtney is sipping mimosas with new guy Noah, who conveniently shares the name of the lead in her favourite movie, The Notebook. She’s pretty in pink with our Oceana Mini Dress and seems happy - but is she ready to move on? What about OG squeeze Nic?


Oceana Mini Dress

And let’s not forget the Rexy catastrophe! Despite the girls attempting to steer her in another direction, namely that of new boy Ben, Lexy admits that Ryan is still very much on her mind.

The fateful evening ceremony arrives, and despite the stress, the ladies are looking stunning.

Taku is the first name up. The door opens… and he walks through with Michela! She’s got a look to match her dazzling smile with the Runaway The Label - Solace Mini Dress and knockout hoops - you can steal her style with the Peta and Jain - Lennox Earrings in Gold.


Runaway The Label - Solace Mini Dress


Peta and Jain - Lennox Earrings in Gold

Next up, Jess - and she’s looking incredible in the 4th & Reckless - Giuliana Knit Dress, available to shop on Showpo. After a show of loyalty in Casa Amor, she sticks with Aaron, who walks solo through the door. Major power couple alert!

4th & Reckless - Giuliana Knit Dress


4th & Reckless - Giuliana Knit Dress

A nervous Zoe then sticks with Chris, who we saw indulging in a flirty moment at Casa Amor. Nevertheless he’s been loyal and walks in solo. Is this our second power couple?

If you’re misting up a little at this point, reach for more tissues cause it’s Lexy’s turn with the mic - and her speech is a tearjerker! Blow by blow she details her crushing heartbreak over Ryan before revealing she’s picking head over heart, and twisting for new boy Ben instead.

Cue the spicy remix of Toxic by Britney Spears… in an absolutely show-stopping moment, Ryan walks through the door with Tayla in hand! Lexy’s expression here could kill (or at least launch a few memes). Ryan defends his connection with Tayla, who like the other girls is looking amazing. Steal her look with our Genalyn Twist Bust Bodycon Midi Dress. 


Genalyn Twist Bust Bodycon Midi Dress

As a palette cleanser from the Rexy mayhem, Tina sticks with Mitch - who bolts through the door and sweeps her up off her feet. Our final power couple alert! Sophie compares the sweet scene to The Notebook, which reminds us of a certain Noah and his girl... sure enough Courtney ditches Nic for Noah. She looks fire here in Showpo’s Sorcha Dress...


Sorcha Dress

But turns out there’s a good reason Courtney is lucky (or unlucky) last. In a moment to rival Lexy and Ryan’s in terms of sheer drama, Courtney ditches Nic for Noah - only to see Nic walk in solo. Scandal! He’s had his fun in Casa Amor but has picked his OG girl instead.

Too little, too late Nic - sayonara and thanks for playing! Now we wait for the juicy fallout…

Episode Eighteen

Well well well, Casa Amor is over and a few Islanders have some explaining to do! Tuesday night is all about the aftermath, from romantic reunions to tense confrontations and new relationships blooming - or crashing and burning before they’ve even begun.

First, the good news. Tina and Mitch, Zoe and Chris, Michela and Taku and Jess and Aaron are all over the moon to be together - with Jaaron even deciding to be officially exclusive! As a celebration gift they score a special night in the hideaway. As Jess gets ready we spot her with the sexy Alvia Bodysuit in both blush lace and black, available now on Showpo!


Alvia Bodysuit

Next, the bad news. Courtney is rocked by Nic’s decision after seeing him pash and even bed multiple girls during Casa Amor. He ultimately picked Courtney, but she has moved on with Noah - mentally if not emotionally. Knowing her OG guy was committed after all has her spiralling this episode. Noah gives her space to process, but how long can he wait?

And the ugly news… the Lexy, Ryan and Tayla love (or hate) triangle is now a square, with Ben drawn into the mess. Tensions spill out during an impeccably timed round two of the Truth Bike Challenge. Lexy admits she feels led on by Ryan, who seemed happy with her, while Ryan says their age difference and what he sees as Lexy’s “immaturity” put him off.

A furious Lexy asks if Tayla thinks Ryan is a loyal person, which leaves Tayla hesitating - but ultimately saying yes. Meanwhile Ben doesn’t hold back when quizzed about Lexy. Earlier he described her as a “brick wall” and now roasts her for picking him just to stay in the Villa.

Ben and Lexy are on the warpath, Ryan is on the defensive and Courtney is mostly avoiding Noah (awks) - but no one wants to ruin a party! The Islanders hit the dancefloor, with Jess looking incredible in Showpo’s Sorcha Dress, Courtney pairing our sexy Blanca Top with jeans, Tina serving bombshell vibes in our Theia Mermaid Maxi Dress and Tayla giving our I’m The One Two Piece Set a spin.


Sorcha Dress


Blanca Top


Theia Mermaid Maxi Dress


I’m The One Two Piece Set

And finally a shoutout for new girl Michela, who looks scorching hot here in the Selita High Neck Midi Dress and lace up black heels. You can steal the look with the Novo - Zebra Heels in Black, now available with Showpo!


Selita High Neck Midi Dress


Novo - Zebra Heels in Black

Episode Nineteen

We thought Tuesday night’s episode was filled to the brim with tension, but this one is a real doozy! We start with Tina and Mitch tangled up on the daybed, with Mitch admitting “things are starting to get really serious” and Tina saying what they have is “really special”. Aww!

But the good vibes last just a minute as we cut to new couple Lexy and Ben duking it out. Ben suspects she was using him from the start to stay at the Villa, whereas Lexy tells him she was keen to see if any romance would develop - but after witnessing Ben “scoffing” at her that interest is gone. Forget romance - these two aren’t even friends anymore. Yikes!

Nerves are frayed, feelings are hurt and secrets are bubbling under the surface - but not for long! - as the Islanders enter the Shaken and Stirred Challenge. This (literally) juicy game asks the Islanders to to hear some goss whispered about them and guess the culprit.

Chaos is unleashed when the game reveals that at the start Ryan didn’t find Lexy very good looking. Poor Lexy is unimpressed, but he doubles down by saying “at least I’m honest” and “your personality made you look good”. Ouch! Lexy says to Ryan “you disgust me” and a sparring match breaks out between the two while the others look on in shock.

Speaking of unimpressed women - Tayla thinks Ryan’s comment about Lexy’s appearance is a red flag. She has a clarifying chat with Ryan, and he later apologises to Lexy (never mind his epic eyeroll at the end). But there’s another problem here. She admits to Taku and Michela that she usually obsesses over new partners but with Ryan the feeling isn’t there.

Evening arrives, and despite the day’s drama the girls bring their fashion A-game! Zoe is a babe in blue in the Runaway The Label - Calista Mini Dress, Lexy is luxe in the Hadid Satin Shirt Dress, Michela is a hottie in the She.Is.Us - On Demand Skirt and matching On Demand Top, Tina is a cutie in the Runaway The Label - Solace Mini Dress, Tayla is a head turner in the Cianna Panelled Mini Dress, Courtney is a stunner in the Wheels Bouncing Playsuit and Jess is a smokeshow in the Bluebell Halter Neckline Jumpsuit.


Runaway The Label - Calista Mini Dress


Hadid Satin Shirt Dress


She.Is.Us - On Demand Skirt and On Demand Top


Runaway The Label - Solace Mini Dress


Cianna Panelled Mini Dress


Wheels Bouncing Playsuit


Bluebell Halter Neckline Jumpsuit

It’s been a dramatic day but at least three of our couples are in a good place… hold up! In a jaw-dropping final scene, power couple Jaaron find themselves in nasty fight after Jess accidentally flashes some boob, then notices Aaron giving her a “filthy look”. In a later chat she admits to feeling hurt, but he strongly denies making a face and says she’s being silly.

The unexpected argument escalates until finally Aaron storms off, declaring “what a load of shit”. We can only conclude that after Rexy stayed there first, that hideaway is cursed...

Episode Twenty

This huuuge week of Love Island Australia wraps up with poor Jess and Aaron still fighting over the boob slip. It’s a bleak episode for this once blissful duo, with scenes including Aaron crying behind a closed door (we get a nice doorknob shot) and the two in bed arguing. Aaron’s upset over what he sees as an entirely avoidable situation, while Jess thinks he’s defensive and doesn’t listen, eventually telling him “I don’t think I can do this anymore”.

Elsewhere there are indications our sexy ladies are weighing up their options. Michela and Taku seem content, but agree they’re “more than friends, but not exclusive”. And of course we have to revisit the “Love Island fiasco”, as Zoe put it, between Ryan, Lexy, Tayla and Ben (throw poor Ari in there for good measure). To Ryan’s frustration, Tayla tells him she’s not 100% sure about the pairing and would like to pull back a little to avoid leading him on.

The producers wisely take this moment to drop a new male bomb - Hugh, 24, from Sydney! He’s a handsome chippie with a moustache and muscles for days, and heading in has his eye on Zoe and Tina. But when he settles into the Villa, it’s Courtney and Lexy who are most drawn into his orbit. This is excellent news for Lexy, who is keen to put the Ryan and Ben drama behind her. But Hugh and Courtney hitting it off makes Noah a little nervous.

Zoe, Courtney and Lexy all head out on dates with Noah looking gorg! Zoe is sweet in our Priya Tie Playsuit, Courtney makes an impression in the Vacation Forever Dress and Lexy is rocking the Lioness - Sonny Mini Dress, with the front untwisted for a chic effect.


Priya Tie Playsuit


Vacation Forever Dress


Lioness - Sonny Mini Dress

Night time arrives, and the stunning looks continue with Courtney rocking the Coming For You Dress and Jess in the Selita High Neck Midi Dress, now available with Showpo!


Coming For You Dress


Selita High Neck Midi Dress

It’s another big evening for the Islanders, with new boy Hugh asked to pick a girl to partner up with. Much to her delight he goes with Lexy. Bye bye, Ryan and Ben - literally, in Ben’s case! Life moves fast on the Island and this Casa Amor newbie is asked to pack his bags.

But before the Islanders can mourn his departure, Aaron stands up and reveals shocking news - he’s leaving the Villa! This OG Islander is feeling wretched over his huge blowout with Jess and can’t see how their relationship can be repaired. Everyone is shocked, including Jess, and it’s hard to believe he will actually leave. Is this the catalyst Jaaron needs to settle their differences or is this power couple over for good?

That’s it for the week, catch you later for more Islander action and fire Showpo ‘fits!

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