Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Why is this important to Showpo?

At Showpo we are committed to fostering an environment where everyone can belong and be their authentic selves. We strive to craft a culture that reflects the diversity of our audience, where our differences make us stronger and help us become better humans. We celebrate our people and support them, ensuring we’re a workplace welcoming to all, where everyone can bring their whole selves to work. We are on a journey and sometimes might make mistakes, but we are committed to learning, growing and backing up these words with positive action.

We’re focused on 4 streams of work to ensure this belief becomes a reality:

  • Diverse Teams
  • Inclusive Climate
  • Fair Systems
  • Education & Recognition

What have we already done in this area?

Staff Education

We engage in company wide education sessions on a number of topics surrounding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and will continue these initiatives.

Our Sizing

We proudly offer a wide range of sizes from AU size 4 through to size 20. Rather than producing a separate curve collection, we work really hard to deliver the exact same product to all of our customers. We think it’s so important for this to be truly inclusive that we’re not deciding for our customers what they can and can’t wear. Whilst we've worked hard to ensure that what we're delivering in these sizes is the same product, we are aware we have more work to do in expanding on the styles available in additional sizes, this is a key focus for our Showpo Production & we have so much more to come!

Our Models

We stand by our statement of Fashion for Everyone and where we get to bring this to life is in our onsite imagery and marketing content. We’re committed to showing our clothes on as many different people as possible. Consistency & authenticity is important to us, we don’t want to be hitting a quota but ensure this is integrated into our overall brand approach.

Our unique “Butterfly” style of imagery is something we’re really proud of; displaying two sizes side by side, we want to keep growing this and offer 60% of our products with this imagery style.

There is always more work to do in this space. We want to continue our efforts in representing as wide a view of our customers as possible.

What are we planning to do in this area?

To date we’ve focused on body diversity on our online presence and whilst we still have work to do here we’re also really proud of where it’s at. Now we want to spread our focus to include a representation of other communities, we want to use our platform and influence to amplify and give back.

This is something that we’ve always been passionate about & is core to our company values, we’ve been listening & learning and are just starting our journey in this space.

What are our targets and how are we measuring our success?

  • Minimum 80% of products in extended sizes by 2025
  • Minimum of 60% of products displayed in Butterfly imagery
  • Extend size range to a size 24
  • Continue to push our diversity, making our Online Catalogue reflective of all customers
  • Introduce a Mentoring + Internship program; focusing on diversity and under-represented communities
  • Create free mental health resources for content creators
    • We know that issues of body image and mental health can be closely related. We would love to work with a reputable company to partner in creating a free mental health advocacy guide for all content creators. Young women admire our content creators who, in turn, need to be real about the issues they face and how to stay mentally healthy
  • Measuring the extent to which our employees feel we are standing up our inclusion statement and reflecting our values by including a DEI question set in our twice-yearly engagement survey.