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29 Dresses To Make You The Chicest Wedding Guest Ever

11 March 2020

All out of what-to-wear-as-a-wedding-guest inspiration? We feel you. Choosing a wedding season look isn’t easy (just ask this lady). If your social calendar is already filling up with city, beachside or country ceremonies, but your event wardrobe is looking remarkably bleak, fret not. Our guide to be the chicest guest at any wedding has you covered. From now one, everyone will be asking you what to wear to a wedding.

What to wear to a beach wedding

Midi lengths may get the most summer loving, but a shorter length can be just as elegant. If you’re headed to a beachside ceremony, a shorter dress is the perfect sartorial statement and gives you plenty of movement on the dance floor later.

Wait On The Dance Floor Dress In Peach Floral
A Fair Go Dress In Powder Blue
Between Fantasy Dress In Champagne Satin
Between Fantasy Dress In Dusty Rose Satin
Can We Just Talk Dress In Beige Floral Lace

What to wear to a black tie wedding

Possibly the poshest of all al the dress codes (okay, there’s white tie but everyone in the royal family is married now so your chances of one of those are slim), black tie might also be the easiest. There’s no room for misinterpretation – everyone knows black tie means the fanciest of fancy looks. It’s always best to go full-length for such an occasion, but if you really don’t feel that vibe, nothing shorter than a midi is fine!

I’m Falling For You Maxi Dress In Wine
Look Me Up Dress In Black Satin
Lady Godiva Dress In Rose Gold Glitter
I Got A Feeling Dress In Navy
Graceful Dancer Dress In Navy

What to wear to a country wedding

Floral lovers rejoice! A country wedding is the perfect place to go all out with prints and elegant details like lace. Unlike black tie occasions, you don’t have to be too strictly formal but you still get to dress up a little more than you would for a beach wedding.

My Darkest Night Dress In White Floral
Light And Happiness Wrap Dress In Purple Floral
In Other News Dress In Mauve Lace
Typical Lover Dress In Emerald Lace
Mine Would Be You Dress In Sage

What to wear to a church wedding

There’s a certain etiquette when it comes to a church wedding and even if you’re not religious yourself, you should still do your best to stick by it. As a general rule of thumb, keep your shoulders covered and your hemline at least below the knee.

Save It For Later Dress In Dusty Blue Satin
End Of The Song Dress In Dusty Rose
Remember The Days Dress In Black Embroidery
Listen To The Radio Dress In Emerald Green

What to wear to a winter wedding

I can personally attest to the fact winter weddings are a nightmare to dress for, especially when the happy couple is still adamant on an outdoor ceremony. Your choices are to either go long-sleeved or throw a coat over that perfectly curated look. You can understand why we’re not huge fans of the latter. Try these instead.

Can See It In Your Eyes Dress In Emerald
Just A Second Dress In Blush
Can See It In Your Eyes Dress In Wine
Wild And Free Mind Dress In White Floral
I Saw It Coming Dress In White Floral
Save It For Later Dress In Camel Satin

What to wear to a last-minute wedding

Believe it or not, having to source a last-minute wedding look is a thing. Whether the bride and groom have decided to fast-track their nuptials or your significant other is only just now tell you about the wedding they RSVPed to three months ago on your behalf, this is the moment you’re going into fashion panic mode. First step, take a deep breath. Only bad things can come of rushed sartorial decisions (Sophie Turner agrees). If you really don’t have anything to wear and not enough time to find out what everyone else has planned, same day shipping combined with these looks are your best bet.

Losing My Edge Dress In Raspberry Satin
Girls Life Jumpsuit In Navy
Commit To Me Maxi Dress In Stone
Toss The Dice Dress In Green Floral