How To Slay In Your Lane

14 February 2019

If there’s one thing our ultra-connected lifestyles have taught us, it’s that there’s always a super glossy, ultra-successful, multi-hyphenate out there, guaranteed to make us feel inadequate. If you’re guilty of constantly comparing yourself to everyone else whether it’s your six-figure earning BFF or a random you follow on Insta, your habits need to change. Here’s how to take control and win the comparison game.

Identify your triggers..

Certain situations that will set you off on a comparison spree so it’s important to learn what they are. It could be seeing a particular person who always makes you feel that little bit inferior or just a good ol’ fashioned scroll through Instagram. Learning what triggers feelings of inadequacy will show you what to sidestep (or at least have less of) in your life.

Go on a social media diet…

There are plenty of studies on the impact of social media on our self-esteem. You’re perfectly happy but then you’re bombarded with images of people’s seemingly amazing lives.  Suddenly you feel like a failure. Make your feed a feelgood zone by unfollowing people who send you into constant comparison spirals.

Remember what you’re seeing is a highlights reel…

Next time you find yourself lusting over someone’s perfect existence, remind yourself that what you’re seeing is curated. The loved-up couple you see at your local cafe? They have to deal with the same issues normal couples do. There are two sides to every story and usually, you’re only seeing one.

Use comparisons as motivation…

Comparisons can either lift you up or bring you down. Instead of comparing yourself to people who seem more successful than you, use them as motivation. Whether it’s taking control of your finances or pushing yourself to do better at work, taking ownership allows you to rise above.

Learn to be grateful for what you have…

It’s easy to get so caught up in what everyone else is doing that you miss the good things happening to you. Start getting into the habit of identifying three things you’re grateful for every day. We know it sounds super cheesy, but giving daily gratitude a go helps you appreciate what you have as instead of what you don’t.

 Words by Tania Gomez.