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’90s Trends You Need

26 March 2020

They say that history tends to repeat itself and that certainly rings true for (most) trends.

Now I’m more than happy to leave some things where they belong in the 90s (John Howard’s brows and questionable ‘Bad Girl’ attire to name a few), but there are some things that I’ve welcomed back with open arms.

High Waisted Jeans

Ugh. Why did these EVER go out of style!? Whoever thought that low-rise jeans that show off your classy crack was ever a good idea deserves to be put on the same style-shame boat as the noob who invented Crocs. Flattering in many different styles, make sure you have at least one pair of high waisted jeans in your wardrobe.


Crop Tops

I liked these so much more when I had my 12yo stomach (that was rock-hard despite many nights of fish fingers for dinner) but worn with the right bottoms, crop tops can be flattering on all shapes and sizes. Pair with high-waisted pants or skirts to show off a small waist (and cover any lower hints of a ‘pasta baby’).


The Slip Dress

I was never *kewl enough to rock this (who am I kidding, I wasn’t kewl enough to rock anything except board shorts and an oddly patterned t-shirt from Best & Less).

Supermodels wore the slip dress in the same effortless way they now wear ‘The Naked Dress’. Pair with heels for a sexy nighttime look, or throw over a white tee, paired with your fave kicks for street-style at its best.

Style Note: The fabric on this dress won’t hide your sins so either embrace your lumps or opt for a fabric more substantial.


Denim Jacket

Fitted or oversized, it’s your prerogative. I love pairing mine with jeans so I’m just double denim-ing the shite out of the day. JT has got nothing on me.

Style Note: Try wrapping a denim jacket around your waist a-la 90s soccer mum to instantly up your kewl factor.


Berry Lips

This trend has come back full-force with fashionistas around the globe spotted sporting a berry shade on their pout.

Beauty Note: Not for the thin lipped, opt for a plumping nude formula instead.


Distressed Denim

I used to rip, cut and sew my own jeans and they still definitely didn’t resemble anything that looked like this…

Throw on with a plain white tee to ooze an air of effortlessness.


Skater Gurl

Be the ultimate cool girl in a floral skater dress. The style has come a long way since Avril Lavigne and looks chic AF when paired with boots and a leather jacket.


The Choker

I’ve spoken about the humble choker and its foray back into the fashion world here. Let’s once again applaud its comeback as it’s come back into our lives with a stylish vengeance.


*Kewl – the coolest form of being cool.

Words by Kelly McCarren.