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The 2000s Called & Halter Necks Are Back In

26 March 2020

Um, is the year 2020 or 2000? TBH, at this point I think most of us would prefer 2000. It was a simpler time and nobody had the audacity to ask if tie dye is still a thing (it is FYI). But tie dye is the only early aughts trend to return. Remember whale tail? Yeah, it’s back too, and NGL, not so thrilled. However, so are halter neck tops and five year old me is screaming. I missed the boat the first time around (nothing looks more ridiculous than a five-year-old in a poorly fitting halter).

Halter necks are the ridiculously easy to wear top you’ve been waiting to come back in vogue. No matter what else fills up your wardrobe, miniskirts, jeans, wide-leg pants, halter necks are the new cold-shoulder-top.

Cute Halter Neck Tops

Creative Mind Top In White Floral
Trix Top In White Mesh
Trix Top In Black Mesh
Ronnie Ruffle Top In White
Franco Knit Top In Black
In the words of Gwen Stefani, ain't no halter neck girl, Emma Roffey