Hydrate Your Life: Eat The Fruit And Veggie Rainbow

We’re told from a young age to eat our fruit and veg and drink a lot of water. Our parent’s drill it into us, living a healthy lifestyle is splashed across our socials and even schools now dedicate a specific time, for fruit and water, a.k.a Crunch&Sip, to ensure kids are adapting healthy habits. Of course this is all for good reason, fruit and veggies are not only delicious, but they’re packed with goodness to keep our bodies healthy and happy! Then there’s water and well…that’s just a given.

So how much fruit, vegetables and water should we be consuming? We’ve all heard the two fruit, five veg rule, outlined by the Australian Dietary Guidelines and when it comes to fluid intake, women should be consuming roughly 2.1L per day and men 2.6L per day. Majority of these fluids should ideally be water, but don’t worry girl, you go ahead and have that fifth coffee of the day (we won’t tell). In all seriousness though, for a lot of us, drinking this much water every day, can sometimes feel like a chore and we find ourselves struggling to reach the bench mark. Not to mention that it’s now winter, which means more and more hot chocolate and coffee, and less and less water.  

Enter fruit and vegetables! Now look don’t get me wrong, drinking water in it’s purest form is always encouraged, but if you are one of those people who finds it difficult to drink the recommended intake, fruit and veggies are the perfect way to increase this. Why? Because so many of them contain a high amount of water (many above 90%), which comes as an added bonus alongside all their vitamin and mineral benefits. Now I know what you’re all thinking, it’s even a struggle to eat two fruit, five veg and I get it! But you don’t have to always eat it, you can drink it too! Making smoothies and shakes from fruit and veggies, means you can pack it with probably way more than you could eat and this way, you’re physically drinking the contents which will help you feel like you’re getting in the recommended liquids! (Which you basically are because majority of fruit and veg are water). So it’s a win, win all round.

So what are the best fruit and veggies to optimise water intake and what percentage of water do they contain? We’ve got all the deets below. Print it out, stick it on your fridge, write them on your weekly grocery list and stay hydrated! P.s I know some of the foods listed on the “fruit list” you’re probably thinking hold on, that vegetables a fruit?! Well the answer is yes, because things like zucchini and tomatoes that we normally would associate as being “vegetables”, have seeds in them, which technically makes them a fruit! Anyway, read on…


Fruit (water content)

Cucumbers – 96%

Tomato – 94%

Zucchini – 94%

Capsicum – 93%

Watermelon – 92%

Strawberries – 92%

Grapefruit – 91%

Peaches – 88%

Oranges – 87%

Pineapple – 87%

Raspberries 87%

Apples – 84%

Pomegranates – 82%


Veg (water content)

Lettuce – 96%

Celery – 95%

Chinese cabbage – 95%

Radishes – 95%

Asparagus – 93%

Spinach – 92%

Cauliflower – 92%

Broccoli – 89%  

Carrot – 88%


Words by Jacqui Feros

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