10 Things To Do In Morocco

Ah Morocco, the mystical land of magic carpets, ornate bathing pools and market stalls filled to the brim with treasures! We’ve rounded up the must see (and must Instagram) in this uniquely charming city to help you discover the mysterious beauty.

Take “that” pool shot at La Mamounia 
You know the pool shot that every Instagrammer seems to get when they visit Morocco, yep this is it! You can gain access to this luxe hotel’s exclusive pool by heading to the spa. Go for a traditional Hammam massage before soaking in the spectacular, mosaic tiled paradise. Swim up to the gorgeous white and gold floating daybed and make sure you have your photographer (read: boyfriend of Instagram) on hand as you pose.

Spend the night in the Sahara 

You really can’t visit Morocco without experiencing the out-of-this-world beauty of the Sahara Desert. As the landscape gets more like the set of Star Wars and the giant burnt orange mountains of sand loom ahead you’ll think the background is about to fall away just like The Hills finale. Spending the night in one of the luxury campsites is a must, then wake up early to climb one of the dunes (trust us, workouts don’t get much tougher than this) before perching on top (and catching your breath) as the sun comes up over this majestic landscape.

Jump between the humps for a camel ride

Best experienced while riding out to a desert camp to spend the night, a camel ride in Morocco is truly unique. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another world as you sit perched between the humps and ride up and down the dunes. It’s worth it for the ‘hump day’ post alone.

Soak up the ancient wonder of Ait Behaddou

This ancient village has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and is probably what you originally pictured when you thought about Morocco. The Kasbahs are made out of clay in traditional style and can be viewed from the modern village across the river (which at night is filled with wild dogs so make sure to pack earplugs). You can also climb to the top for awesome views over the area (and some great insta ops) between the ancient buildings. We even found a donkey!

Take a break from the city at Jardin Majorelle

A photographer’s paradise, this heavenly garden in the heart of the city was created by Majorelle the French painter and is home to over 70 different types of cacti – amazing! After admiring the exotic plants, stop by the ‘Majorelle’ blue wall, a deep shade of cobalt that’s just begging for a picture. The garden was bought by Yves Saint Laurent in 1980 who restored its former beauty bringing in flowing fountains and a museum within the walls. He was also buried here, and you can still visit the memorial today.

Shop up a storm in the Medina 

Hope you’ve just moved into a new apartment because it’s time to decorate! The medina is home to Moroccan treasures that cost thousands at home and can be bartered down to often less than a hundred in Marrakech. Moroccan pouffes, rugs, leather bags and sandals are just some of the gems you can snap up. The whole place is just begging for an artsy ‘admiring the goods’ photo, particularly the shop fronts where the rugs or metal works hang suspended from the ceiling. Just make sure you ask first!

Learn how to make a tasty Moroccan dish

Did you even go to Morocco if you didn’t learn how to make Tajine? Nope, you didn’t. Make use for all those spices you’ll impulse buy from the market square and learn how to whip up this traditional dish. Your cooking class will walk you through the farmers market to buy fresh produce (be forewarned, the chicken is very fresh, look away if you’re squeamish) before heading back to a riad to slice and spice. Bonus points if your riad has a rooftop to relax on while you’re waiting for your tajine to cook.

Visit the beautiful Bahia palace

Basically a 19th century version of the Bachelor mansion, Bahia Palace was once home to Bou Ahmed (who reigned over the state until 1900) and his four legitimate wives plus several concubines (girlfriends). They all mingled between the walls of this incredibly ornate palace that opens up to a lush garden filled with citrus trees on the inside. You can practically imagine the cocktail party!

Sip mint tea above the square 

There’s nothing more refreshing when you’re looking for a break from the buzz of the city. Embrace your inner Moroccan and head to a rooftop restaurant or bar that overlooks the square then order yourself a mint tea, it’s traditionally served with sugar and as you’d expect, that makes it very delicious. You’re on holiday, go on, treat yourself!

Go blue in Chefchaouen 

The city of Chefchaouen is a true bucket list item and really can’t be missed. Get out of the major Moroccan cities like Marrakech and discover this artsy mountain town. It’s truly one of the most beautiful locations of in the world thanks to its stacked Moroccan style buildings, narrow walkways and of course entire streets in shades of blue.

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Wanderlust by Cassidy Loane

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