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Married At First Sight: Week 6 Recap

12 March 2018

From the crazees (Sarah losing her shit at Telv), to the creepies (Justin – please never ever put on that weird lingerie t-shirt again), to the cuties (could John and Melissa be more adorable?)… Week 6 of Married At First Sight definitely had it all. Yes, even partner swapping (well, not actual partner swapping – but enough talk of it to keep things a bit spicy).

As we headed into the last commitment ceremony with just 7 couples left (before promptly seeing two more bite the dust), we take a look at what went down in the lead-up to the final week of MAFS…

Couple 1: Sarah and Telv

As much as I like Sarah, I’m pretty sure she can relate heavily to Julia Michael’s song lyrics: “Cause I got issues…” Gurlllll, you need to relax a little. If you’re going to have an absolute meltdown when Telv goes on Snapchat and hits the gym, then I’m a wee bit nervous for what’s going to happen down the track when a real problem decides to rear its ugly head. Tbh, I’m actually pretty impressed with how Telv’s been handling the emotional overload. He’s a keeper honey – and your behaviour is pushing him away. Relax and you two might just be ones to make it through this experiment with a relationship. Might.

Couple 2: Charlene and Patrick

Talking about people needing to relax – Charlene!! Woh gurl. There’s sticking up for the girls, and then there’s going batshit bananas. I’m all for female empowerment, don’t get me wrong – but I think you may have overreacted here just a bit babe. Is it just me that thinks it’s a good thing Dean wanted people to think his woman was hawt? He wasn’t telling them to bang her, he was telling them to appreciate her. Which I thought was kinda cute. That aside – one thing I will say, is well played Patrick. Whether you were right or wrong about your assessment of the boys’ night, you were definitely right in playing into Charlene’s “Let’s hear it for the girls” code – keep playing those cards boy, and you might get her to overlook your “emotional side”. Again, I’m saying ‘might’…

Couple 3: John and Melissa

Bless, I feel like I’m definitely watching two people fall in love with these two. I think John’s managed to win over Melissa’s slightly-awkward-but-in-a-cute-way daughter, while Melissa has managed to turn John’s over-protective-and-a-bit-sassy daughter into her BFF 4 lyfe. I think these two could really give the long-term relationship a good crack (in fact, it’s the only couple I can really see lasting the distance 12 months down the track… Cynical? Just a bit…)

Couple 4: Ashley and Troy

Troy, get over Ash’s mum – it’s weird. Really weird and a little uncomfortable (actually, that’s a pretty good description for Troy himself). I’ve actually surprised myself this MAFS journey by coming around to Troy and his peculiar and goofy ways. I’m not going to try and recommend any of my friends date the oddball, but I do think he’s good for the lols (and that laugh?! If I hadn’t been told by people that it’s exactly the same IRL, I’d swear the producers were turning the sound up on that!) But anyway back to the relationship… With Ash’s mum and wife swapping tales aside, I still don’t think this couple are the perfect match our experts hoped they’d be. I really can’t see this one lasting beyond the experiment.

Couple 5: Justin and Carly

Justin, all I can say is cringe. Since the show started, I’ve thought Dean was a douche, Troy was a weirdo, and Nasser was just generally a piece of shit. But I’ve come around with ALL of them. Each has their own quirks that I’ve learnt to slide over. But you? I continue to think you suck. And yes, Carly was SO right in saying she can do better than you. Sitting there with a smirk on your face saying that you’re not good enough for her while clearly thinking the exact opposite is such a cop-out. As you two bid your farewells to the show, you bring with me memories of showing Carly a wharf filled with other people’s boats because you “used to have a boat” there, an empty office that looks like it belongs to some immigrants doing dodgy backroom work, and a sheer lingerie t-shirt that gave me nightmares for the next 24 hours. See ya.

Couple 6: Tracy and Dean

Man, Dean – you are like the cat with 8 lives that only really deserved to lose one of them. People sure do love to throw you under a bus, don’t they! Glad Tracy continues to let you push through to another week of dating dilemmas. While I think once a playerrrr always a player, I’m hoping Tracy’s ample assets (*ahem*) are enough to keep you amused beyond the experiment…

Couple 7: Nasser and Gabrielle

Nasser, thank you for not being a monumental waste of Gabrielle’s time. While it wasn’t meant to be in the love department, I’m glad that you two are leaving the show as friends (and a friendship is never a waste of time!) Nasser – I hope you find an ultra clean freak who believes in clean carpets and avoiding haunted houses, and Gabrielle – I hope you find someone that is just as ridiculously lovely as you are. To this relationship, I just say “Bad luck, Donald Duck”.