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MAFS Is Getting A Bachelor Style Spinoff

13 March 2019

We don’t know what makes Married At First Sight such a good show. Is it the wholesome and pure love stories? The meant for each other couples? Or maybe it’s the drama-fuelled shit shows that go down when everything inevitably hits the fan? Either way, we’re hooked and it seems like someone at Channel Nine is finally reading my tweets because the MAFS spinoff we all deserve is coming.

Enter, Married At First Sight: Honeymoon Island.

What we know so far:

According to the super reputable journalistic resource, the Daily Mail, contestants who failed at the MAFS experiment will get another shot at love, but this time on a tropical island.

So pretty much Bachelor in Paradise, right? Wrong. If the Channel Nine version intends to replicate the US MAFS Honeymoon Island format, contestants will be paired up at the start and will have to use their time in paradise on Honeymoon Island to decide if they want to get married for real.

However, like we’ve seen with Bachie in Paradise, once you put a couple of horned up, fame hungry hot people on an Island and restrict their access to the outside world, things are never that simple. We’re anticipating a whole lot of couple swapping, even more cheating scandals and probably a few thousand screaming matches. Bring it on.

So who’s going on the show?

Channel Nine is yet to confirm the show is really happening but people already speculating about who is coming back.

Our picks? We’re almost certain that these are face’s we’ll be seeing again soon:

Ryan Gallagher

The internet still hasn’t forgiven Davina for breaking sweet little Ryan’s heart on last year’s season of MAFS. Considering old mate Ryan still retains his single status (something he mentions in every damn Instagram caption, see here for proof), we think he’ll definitely be back for round two.

Tracey Jewel

On the other side of last year’s Dean and Davina cheating scandal was Tracey Jewel. Tracey seemingly got her revenge on Dean by hooking up with another contestant, Sean. They dated for a few months but no surprises, it didn’t work out. Here’s hoping the producers finally get it right for ol’ Trace.

Ines Basic

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My new baby daddy is very big boi #MAFS

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Literally no one will be surprised if Ines ends up on MAFS Honeymoon Island. Channel Nine may as well just confirm it so we can all go home.

Elizabeth Sobinoff

We all know Lizzie did not get the treatment she deserved in season six of MAFS. Her newly-wed hubby Sam was a scumbag from day one and eventually ditched her for the aforementioned Ines (which was very season five them tbqh). Lizzie seems to have made a good friend in Cyrell also from season 6 so maybe the girl gang will be back in action. Plus we infinite time for the woman who taught us to reheat pizza in a toaster, genius.

We’re still waiting on Channel Nine to confirm that the show is actually going ahead, but for now, who do you think will be returning for a second shot at love on MAFS Honeymoon Island?