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7 Reasons Why Riverdale Is The Bomb

22 December 2017

If there’s one thing we became totally obsessed with in 2017, it has got to be Riverdale. First popping up in my “Recommended” on Netflix one lazy Sunday afternoon [btw, how good is a lazy Sunday arvo…], I flicked it on because who was I to argue with what Netflix thought I might like? And BAM, 10 minutes in and I was addicted.

This wasn’t one of those slow burners – you know the ones where it takes you a few episodes to get hooked. It was instant infatuation. Bye bye sleep for the next week as I juggled work with pleasure (and by pleasure – I mean watching back-to-back episodes of Riverdale).

Loosely based on the Archie Comics strip, Riverdale is a teen murder mystery/drama that has your usual teenage angst – with the additions of wrongful deaths, enough drama to make an episode of The Bold and The Beautiful look tame, drugs, jocks who are musically talented, pop stars, and bucketloads of eye candy to go around for everyone.

In case the above recap wasn’t good enough reason to have you sucked in – below are the top reasons why Riverdale should go on your “Watch” list immediately…

  1. Archie. Blow the plotline – you could watch the show just for him. Those chiselled features, the washboard abs, the strong arms… Archibold – you got yourself a #fangirl.
  2. It’s a mixture of all your favourite dramas – think Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries… but so much better.
  3. It’s not just the main stars bringing the eye candy – the parents seem to all be quite blessed in the gene pool as well (did we mention two of them are Luke Perry and Skeet Ulrich?!). Even the sheriff has a ripper rig. Riverdale is definitely a place where the beautiful people reside.
  4. The love triangles… I mean when you have a group of two guys and two girls and all four are total babes, we can understand why there might be a little temptation bubbling under the surface.
  5. The crazies that you’re just waiting to crack. From a mean girl with an edge to the good girl with an… well, edge too – I love it when you see girls on the verge.
  6. Forbidden love. Is that a teacher and student relationship I see brewing? Oh hell yes (if I was the teacher, I’d be wanting to be in there too if the student was Archie…)
  7. You actually can’t guess the ending. Normally I love guessing what’s going to happen next (and I hate to gloat, but I’ve got pretty good at it)… but with Riverdale – the twists and turns have been warped so far beyond the obvious that even I, the master, can’t predict what’s going to happen next.
Words by Yelena Fairfax.