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10 Great Chick Flicks To Watch Again

07 May 2018

Ain’t nothing better than a chick flick. There’s a time and place for doco’s and drama but when you need the comfort of a good laugh, a girly movie is your best bet. Just add your favourite snack (yes, pizza is a snack) and we have a winning combo. So chuck on one of these classic girly movies for a good laugh when you’re bored, sad or have your girl gang over.

Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion

This is legit comedy gold! A geeky hot girl played by Pheobe from Friends (Lisa Kudrow) and her tough sidekick (who we never saw in another movie so it doesn’t matter what her name is) will leave you in stitches.

Friends With Benefits

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have undeniable on-screen chemistry. They play out the whole “no strings attached” arrangement until the feelings come creeping on in.  These babes get up to some steamy foreplay so there’s eye candy for everyone if the boys are watching too 😉

Sweet Home Alabama

Our favourite hick American, Reese Witherspoon flees to New York to be a big fancy fashion designer but then realises her fiancé in the Big Apple is no match for her dishy Husband down south. Cheesy but great.

Mean Girls

I think most of us can agree that we can probably quote this movie from start to finish. It never gets old! In fact, it just gets funnier the more you watch it.

The Notebook

Pass the tissues by the truckload! This is an emotional rollercoaster that will restore your faith in true love time and again but also leave you on the floor crying wondering where your real life Ryan Gosling at.

How To Be Single

After 50 Shades Of Grey, Dakota has switched it up for your typical white girl comedy. But the funniest moments are courtesy of our home-grown, Rebel Wilson. Good one to watch if you’ve just broken up with your boy.

Pretty Woman

This is probably one of the only films in this list to win an award. Julia Roberts serves up “bad girl come good” and there are so many “aww” moments in this timeless rom-com.


If you haven’t seen this film, bow your head in shame. The fashion is breathtakingly 90’s – we’d raid Cher, Dionne and Tai’s wardrobe any day. Except for Amber’s, her outfits suck!

She’s All That

Remember Freddie Prince Jnr?! Omg drool, he was a mega heartthrob. In true American style, he begrudgingly accepts a bet to turn the geeky girl at school into prom queen, she then gets a makeover and he realises she was always hottest darn thing ever.

Bridget Jones

Watch this one with your mum; it’s age appropriate and bloody funny. Before Reneè Zellweger got all weird with her plastic surgery attempts, she was the clumsy Bridget Jones chasing the dashing Englishmen, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.

Post by Jennifer Aitken.