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Packing & Travel Hacks You Need To Know

05 July 2018

I’ve never been a very good packer. I’m the bitch that decided I MUST take this bag in my CARRY-ON for 4 days in Tassie… 🙄  

All for the gram, obvs. 

So imagine my anxiety when I realised I have to pack for a MONTH (lol, what a brat ‘oh no I’m going on holidays for a month’ #firstworldproblems). With my trip fast approaching, I did what all good nerds do, and researched the fuck out of ‘travel hacks’ and ‘how to pack’.  So I now feel more than qualified to smugly share some of my wisdom in this video…

If you CBF watching or want MORE, I’ve popped my full list below 🤗

  • Prevent your pressed powder compacts from shattering if your bag gets manhandled (likely) by placing a cotton pad between the powder and lid,
  • Store bulkier items in vacuum seal bags as they get rid of all the air and it reduced the space your clothes take up by over 50%. Make sure you get the roll-up versions (over actual vacuum), as most places you stay at probably don’t have a hoover lurking in a cupboard!
  • Make use of every tiny little nook and cranny in your suitcase by stuffing all small items (tops, undies, socks etc) into shoes, spare bags and hats. Then stuff excess items around the sides, you’ll be amazed at how much you can get it!
  • Use bigger ziplock bags to store anything that could spill and smaller versions to store necklaces so they don’t get tangled. Much easier than opaque bags when hunting for specific items!
  • Chuck one of those little smelly soaps (that your rando aunt gifts you for Christmas) into your suitcase – it keeps things from getting that stale scent synonymous with long trips.
  • Pack light coloured clothes inside out to prevent stains.
  • Use freezer bags or shower caps to store your shoes and stop them from getting dirt on other items.
  • If you don’t have an e-reader, borrow one or use your phone to download any holi8day reading material. Need some inspo? Check out our holiday reading list here.
  • Weigh your luggage before you go! Jump on the scale without your suitcase and then jump back on with – an easy way to weigh 😉
  • Remember an adapter and ensure you have some money in the currency required (wherever you’re going) – they charge a FORTUNE for these necessities at the airport.
  • Attach a luggage tag that’s easy to spot on your checked suitcase. They all look the bloody same after a long-ass flight.
  • Make sure all your valuables are packed in your carry-on, JIC!  Add in a spare change of clothes and you’ll be smug AF if something goes wrong and your pal has to wear smelly plane clothes for the next 3 days.
  • Don’t pack a towel, they take up so much space! All you need is a scarf, it can be used to dry you off and sit on at the beach, cover you on flights, be rolled up as a pillow – the options are endless!
  • Ladies, use panty liners to extend the life of your undies on flights, brilliant right!?
  • Treat yo’self and buy a new fragrance for your vacay. It’s a little boujee habit I started yonks ago and whenever I smell that particular fragrance after, I’m brought back to the trip. Brings back better memories than pics! I’m packing Sedbury (Parfums De Marly) for this particular trip as it has a top note of Mandarin, which is anchored by Jasmin (2 of my fave ingredients in fragrance – fruity and floral).  If it’s not a super long trip, get a rollerball from Sephora, they have SO MANY to pick from now, are sturdy AF, and don’t take up precious space.
  • Invest in a proper, grown-up cosmetics case. I am OBSESSED with this bad boy. The dividers can be moved to fit different sized cosmetics and there are places for EVERYTHING. Think skincare, brushes – even your razor!

Need a list to follow when you’re packing? I got you gurl.

Helpful lass - Kelly McCarren