Gifts Ideas For Your Sister

30 November 2017

Sisters huh. We share a womb with them and despise them for most of our childhood before realising one day just how darn special they are. The best friend you’ll ever have, make sure your present this year is high on the special scale.

  1. Get her a 2018 Diary for you to snoop in… 🤓😏 ‘Dear Diary, my sister is such a mole’.  
  2. Spoil her with a cute AF swimsuit from our swimwear collection.
  3. If she loves wearing liquid lipsticks, she’ll need the Jeffree Star Lip Scrub – it removes dry skin (which catches on liquid lips, making it look crusty) AND it tastes yummy!
  4. A cute stocking filler could be the Kester Black Nail Varnish and Lime Crime Diamond Topper – they’re both universally popular and great formulas.
  5. This Unicorn Tape Dispenser is so bloody cute and festive!! Perfect for the unicorns and YES CHAMPIONS, it spits out rainbow tape when standard tape is too average.
  6. Mary Kay’s new Fragrance Mist is a really fresh and fruity scent mixed with a delicious concoction of blackcurrant, freesia, sandalwood, orange blossom and musk.
  7. If she’s not already a fan, get her hooked on Frank Body Scrub, a coffee scrub that leaves your skin oh-so-smooth and even removes old tan residue.
  8. She can keep her hot and cold beverages at the perfect temperature with these sparkling fabulous Sparkly eCups. They are double walled to make sure that the cup stays cool but her coffee stays hot.
  9. I thought these were so stupid until I tried one, the Pop Socket is actually life-changing, you won’t ever drop your phone again! Great little something for sissy.
  10. Khloe Kardashian’s first book reads a lot better than you would think so if your sisters a fan of The  Kardashian’s, she’ll love it.
  11. Hate your sister’s ex? Treat her to a very special Flask, aptly called ‘ex-boyfriend tears’.
  12. Accessories are always a winner, we’ve got everything from belts and scarves to watches and socks. 🤗
  13. Has your sister been a saint or a sinner this year? Choose a Kat Von D Duo depending on which one! Or just get both. 😉 They each have a mini fragrance and lipstick inside, perfect for her handbag.
  14. This looks like a cute tasselled keychain but it’s ACTUALLY a Charging Cable, perfect for your forgetful sis who forgets to charge her phone at least twice per week. 🙄
  15. This Glitter Palette has the most intense, crazy glitter pigments your sparkly sis could even dream of.  Hitting your brush with makeup setting spray prior is the key to getting minimal fall-out.
  16. If she’s loving sparkly highlights more than Zac Efron’s abs, get her onto the Inglot Intense Highlights as they are shimmery AF.
  17. And if you want to carry on with this glitter theme, chuck in a Lemonhead Paste, Eye Kandy Loose Glitter and Jeffree Star Skin Frost – the bitch will have an actual glittergasm.
  18. She’ll fall head over heels in love with our Crystal Glitter Makeup Brushes! Featuring a barrel of mesmerising liquid glitter and gorgeous two-toned pink brush hairs, she’ll want to put these babies on show. Paired perfectly with its sparkling pouch, this set is also super travel-friendly.
  19. This Jeffree Star Family Holiday Bundle box set includes 6 brand new Velour Liquid Lipstick shades: Nathan, Wifey, Diva, Diamond, Delicious and Baby Daddy!
  20. Molton Brown Shower Gel & Body Lotion comes in a perfectly pretty and pink gift set your sister will love using. They’ll look fab in any bathroom and the rhubarby rose scent smell divine.
  21. Every girl’s handbag essential, the Jurlique Hand Cream is nourishing and non-greasy.
  22. The round shape of these Pinky Gold Sunnies is super on-trend and flattering on most face shapes. Get on them quick as they’re on sale!
  23. One of my fave accessories to ever hit Showpo – these Tassel Earrings hit all types of trends, mainly the OTT earrings in a bold POP(s) of colour!
  24. Brite do AH-MAZING hair masks that are super nourishing. The Unicorn Hair Mask comes in cute holographic packaging so is a bit extra spesh.
  25. Does she love selfies? She’ll love the Clip-On Camera Lens – gives her dat superzoom. 🧐
  26. Who doesn’t love a bit of shimmy in their style come silly season? We’ve got a shitload of sequins your sis will lust over.
  27. What chick isn’t just a little bit in love with the Gos? The Ryan Gosling Makeup Bag is a pretty damn good gift, here’s hoping she opens it and says ‘oh my gos’. HA.
  28. Nipple Covers for when your sis gets her tits out on the reg. 😝
  29. Sip cocktails poolside listening to the new Spotify Singles Holiday Playlist on this sick Beach Sounds Speaker. You get the benefits of pool tunes and your sis will love the retro design.
  30. What bitch doesn’t love candles, amirite!? The Famous Flames Candles have funny famous memes on the front AND they smell lovely so will be a sure-fire hit.
  31. She’ll love the Social Eye Lashes for ultimate fluffiness.
  32. Encourage her to explore the world with this Travel Scratch Map, she simply scratches away the places she’s been and keeps it on her wall as a reminder of all the places she’s yet to adventure too!