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6 WTF Moments We Had Watching Netflix’s You

20 February 2019

You know the story, boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy kills girl … wait, what? Netflix’s latest psychological thriller, You,  stars Penn Badgley (aka Dan from Gossip Girl) as Joe, a manic pixie dream boy who manages a quirky New York bookstore. Then there’s Beck, otherwise known as Guinevere (Elizabeth Lail), who is living a lavish life on social media but in reality, is struggling to make ends meet. It doesn’t take long for the bookworms to cross paths with Joe falling a little way too quickly.

I don’t know about you, but this show had me glued to the screen from the beginning. It’s the show I literally could not get enough of, and now I’m desperately waiting for season 2.

While we wait, let’s take a re-cap and remember the moments we all said, “WTF DAN JOE?”

That time Joe literally found everything out about Beck simply by stalking her social media. 

If anything, this should be a lesson to update your privacy settings on Insta. Within seconds, nice bookstore guy became a hardcore stalker and started watching her everyday routine from opposite her street. Close those blinds, Beck!

When Joe killed Beck’s kinda boyfriend, Benji.

This part literally had me shook. We slowly learn that Joe is not only obsessed with Beck, but wants no one in the way of his plan to win her over. Benji, her typical douche bag boyfriend, goes for an interview with journo hoping that his start-up soda company will become the next big thing until he realises that his life lays in the hands of a bloody bookstore nutcase. He spends the next few days in isolation with rare visits from Joe who, taking note of Benji’s severe nut allergy brings a peanut oil latte to him. Delish.

 When Beck’s BFF Peach becomes suspicious of her new found boyfriend.

Beck definitely has her rose coloured glasses on with her dreamy new guy, but Peach isn’t so sure about him. After one of Peach’s infamous house parties, things start going missing around her home. Naturally, Joe the massive creep is at the top of her suspect list. To curb her suspicions, Joe starts jogging in Peach’s local park and it isn’t long before he throws a rock at her head. Unlucky for Joe though, Peach survives and grows more apprehensive than ever before. Obvs Joe never listened to the Spice Girls growing up or he’d know, if you wanna be her lover, you gotta get with her friends. 

When Paco’s Mum’s boyfriend, Ron becomes suspicious of Joe.

Everytime I think Joe is this crazy psycho killer (which let’s be honest he is) a scene of him helping his neighbour Paco makes me think twice. A sweet gesture like giving him his sandwich after Paco hasn’t eaten, or lending him more books to read, shows us that Joe does have a nice guy side. Although, Ron is on to Joe – even calling the police to question him on items he purchased before Benji’s murder.

When Joe locks Beck in the glass storeroom.

Just when you thought the show couldn’t get any more psycho, it does. Beck finds out Joe’s secrets and realises just what kind of guy she’s fallen for. We quickly learn she isn’t great with her choice of men and spends hours confined to a glass storeroom where she writes about the crimes Joe has committed making it out like it’s her therapist who was the killer all along. Talk about a plot twist!

When Candace shows up at the bookstore.

Ah, the bookstore, where everything twisted happens. The producers really got us here with the return of Joe’s ex and we have questions. Was she dead the whole time? Is she a ghost of ex-girlfriends past? Just when we thought the show couldn’t get more dramatic it does. This show is every bit addictive and absolute cray and we love it.

Written in anticipation of Season 2 by Caitlin Martin