WTF Does ‘Lit’ Mean Plus Other Slang Terms You Have NFI About

09 October 2017

Thought you were totally ~down with kids~ ‘cos you’ve finally nailed the use of the terms “LOL” “BRB” and “G2G”?

Soz to break it to all the hip dads of the world out there, but with the ever-changing world of social media these days, the internet vernacular moves faster than a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit on sale. What once was on-fleek is now SO basic, and what is now fire AF will soon be curved.

NFI what I’m on about? Then you, my friend, need to read on…


Meaning: Acronym for ‘as fuck’. Can be used after pretty much any word to give emphasis, but don’t pronounce it as “AF” IRL unless you want people to look at you in revulsion.

How to use it: “It’s hot AF today.”

Basic bitch

Meaning: Someone who’s bland and without personality that follows the crowd. More recently just referred to as ‘basic’.

How to use it: “That Becky is such a basic bitch.”


Meaning: Acronym for ‘can’t be fucked’, as in ‘can’t be bothered’.

How to use it: “I seriously CBF to finish this uni assignment rn.”

Daddy/Daddy AF

Meaning: When we’re saying someone’s ‘daddy AF’ – were defs not talking about your father, in fact, a daddy doesn’t even have to BE a father. Rather, it’s more of a term of endearment to someone (usually a celeb) that’s hot. A bit creepy? Yeah, we know.

How to use it: “Cole Sprouse is daddy AF” or “Zac Efron is such a daddy.”


Meaning: Obvs the traditional term means ‘not living’, but in this case it’s generally when someone is so fabulous (again, usually a celeb), who is totally slaying (aka killing it/crushing it).

How to use it: “Did you see Kendall jenner’s outfit at the Met Gala?” “Yes OMG I’m dead rn.”


Meaning: Acronym for ‘don’t give a fuck’, can also be IDGAF.

How to use it: “Man, look at Bieber’s outfit, he just DGAF anymore.”


Meaning: When someone’s being dramatic or over the top, they’re being ‘extra’.

How to use it: “That time Naomi Campbell wore couture dresses to community service was extra AF.”


Meaning: It doesn’t matter because it’s not going to happen.

How to use it: “That is so fetch.”


Meaning: Used to describe enthusiasm over something, usually accompanied by the fire emoji 🔥. Similar to ‘off the chain’.

How to use it: “ASAP Ferg’s new album is straight fire 🔥.”


Meaning: ‘Greatest of all time.’ It’s been used in sport for years but has now crept into modern lingo.

How to use it: “Kendrick Lamar is the GOAT of rap.”


Meaning: Opposite to lowkey. An opinion of an important nature that you want to be heard.

How to use it: “I’m highkey obsessed with Cardi B’s song rn.”


Meaning: When you reach the point of being super drunk, or to describe something that’s poppin’ off.

How to use it: “I was so fkn lit last night that I woke up with a half-eaten kebab in my bed.”


Meaning: When something is so amazing that it gives you life.

How to use it: “Girl I am LIVING for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range.”


Meaning: Opposite to high-key; when you want to keep something on the down low or as a secret.

How to use it: “I’m low-key really into Taylor Swift’s new song…”


Meaning: Acronym for ‘No fucking idea’.

How to use it: “I’d go to the gym but I’ve got NFI what I’m doing.”

No chill

Meaning: When someone is being the opposite of calm in a sitch or acting recklessly. Used with ‘zero chill’ interchangeably.

How to use it: “Azealia Banks has absolutely no chill when it comes to Twitter rants.”


Meaning: Evidence or proof, usually in the form of screenshots.

How to use it: “Kim Kardashian pulled up the receipts on Taylor Swift and exposed her as a snake.”


Meaning: Acronym for ‘right now’.

How to use it: “I feel so fkn hungover rn.”


Meaning: Someone acting ruthlessly without giving a fuck about the consequences.

How to use it: “The way she called them out on their bullshit was savage AF.”


Meaning: To be extremely shocked or surprised.

How to use it: The news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy had me SHOOK.


Meaning: To be succeeding at something. Often used when wearing a killer outfit.

How to use it: “You look fierce today, slay girl.”

Slide into DMs

Meaning: To send a private message (direct message) over social media in a smooth manner.

How to use it: “That dude we met last night was hot AF, I’m gonna slide into his DMs.”


Meaning: Acronym for ‘shake my head’. Used when disapproving of something.

How to use it: “I can’t believe they’re charging me $30 for this pizza, smh.”


Meaning: When someone/something looks hot or fierce. The new ‘on fleek’.

How to use it: “Damn girl, your makeup is snatched today!”


Meaning: Originated from Eminem’s song ‘Stan’, in reference to an obsessed fan. Also a combo of ‘stalker fan’.

How to use it: “Some of these One Direction stans are creepy AF.”


Meaning: When someone has a shapely or curvaceous figure.

How to use it: “Kanye West got thick and is looking so fine rn.”


Meaning: When someone is fishing for attention, usually from the opposite sex.

How to use it: “He’s always sliding into my DMs acting so thirsty.”

Throwing shade

Meaning: To talk trash about someone publicly.

How to use it: “Taylor Swift’s film clip for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is one giant shadefest.”

Woke/Stay Woke

Meaning: To be aware of the current political, racial and social issues.

How to use it: “I’ve been listening to this new political podcast and now I’m woke AF.”


Meaning: Used when extremely excited and when “yes!” just won’t suffice.

How to use it: “Yasssss girl that outfit is hot.”

Words by Jessica Lynch