The 11 Worst Things About University

31 August 2017

University, college, school; whatever TF you call it, it’s a time of your life you both remember with fondness, while also thanking the sweet earth you no longer have to settle on mi goreng as nourishment (however delicious those yummy MSG-filled noodles may be).

So the jury is still out about mie goreng, but I am 100% sure you’ll all agree that these next 11 things suck big, hairy balls about your uni days.

1.Moving on campus only to realise this is the prison shit your poor parents are paying a truckload for.


2.  All the responsibilities and adulting you now have to deal with.


3.  Waking up in your prison dorm bed feeling horrifically hungover and having to drag your ass to class.


4. Spending pretty much your entire life savings on a  bunch of books that are about as necessary as hangover tablets after you’ve had 16 beer bongs. textbooks.JPG

5. The moment you realise the fancy AF brochures are all lies. Printing paid for by the textbook sales.


6. Going home for your first break, everyone looking at you funny and realising this happened.


7. Only being able to afford this to drink on the reg.


8. Having group projects in every single class in every single semester that slowly destroy your soul.


9. Hearing people have sex at all hours of the day and night.


10. Getting really homesick and missing your mums cooking. Or anyone’s cooking really.


11. Leaving your high-school squad behind only to realise you are now a loser with no friends.


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