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WTF Do I Pack For Coachella!?

15 March 2018

Like I mentioned in the survival guide, you can hire lockers at Coachella, which is the perfect place to dump all your stuff you don’t want to lug around. So here’s what we recommend chucking in a tote or backpack in preparation for anything…

  • A JACKET. Crazy I know, especially given how bloody steamy it gets during the day. But you’re in the desert and it gets chilly AF once the sun goes down so you’ll need one of these bad boys to keep you toasty. Can we all just appreciate this extra leopard jacket that’s kinda PERFECT to pack!? I am 😏
  • Earplugs. Dorky, yes. Required, also yes. Just pack them and if you don’t use them it doesn’t matter.
  • Empty water bottle. Fill him up at all the water stations and save your pennies for $8 beers rather than $8 water.
  • A scarf. Silk is fine (and super thin so doesn’t take up room) as if the sand starts billowing around you’ll use it to cover your face.
  • Lip balm. The heat can dry out your pout. Blistex is cheap and does a good job.
  • Sunscreen. Don’t ruin your experience with a sunburn.
  • Cash. While many bars/places take card, it’s best to have some on hand so you can avoid the lines and hefty fees using the ATMs.
  • Hand sanitiser. The toilets are rank AF and you’ll just need it in general.
  • USB battery pack. For extra phone juice.
  • Sunglasses. Duh.
  • Hat. Duh.
  • Medical supplies. Painkillers, antihistamines, band-aids etc – bring the basics just in case.